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Year 5 2020-2021

Walliams: Mrs Lewis supported by Mrs Fisher

Strong: Mrs Lapare supported by Mrs Kirby

Additional support from Mrs Simonds

Term 5

Guilty as Charged!

(Crime and Punishment)


The children were so excited to look for all the evidence for a terrible crime which had been committed! There had been a murder, but who, how? The children knew that they were not allowed to touch any of the evidence as this would contaminate the crime scene, but they did look for clues and try to piece together what had happened. Once we had done that, the children all shared their theories. Some of these were very close. Our clues led us to the death of Bess and her Highwayman!


After that, the children found out that another crime had bee committed. A chocolate bar had been stolen from Mrs Lewis by an adult in school. The children spent the afternoon look at the clues, comparing the boot prints, finger prints and used to match the adult to the crime! They discovered that it was that Mrs Judkins. She was the chocolate theif! :p

Term 1 - What it’s like to be back in Year 5!


So we now we start a little bit later - 9:15am. It doesn’t make the day feel any shorter! When we get in to the classroom, we all have to wash our hands (we do this a lot during the day), and make sure we’ve got our things out ready for the day ahead. There is usually an early morning task to get our brains going before we have our maths lessons. We now do Mile-a-Day straight after break. Mrs Lewis and Miss Mozdzynski have been kind to us and up until half term, we are only doing two laps. It’s a big jump from two to four, especially when we haven’t done it for six months. After break we have spellings and literacy. We like lunchtimes now. We get to eat our lunch in the classroom with a movie or some music and then when we go out, we’ve got the whole playground to ourselves! After lunch we carry on with our learning; it might be science, history, P.E., R.E. There’s lots more we do, but this is just to name a few. We like the end of the day as we wind down with handwriting, collective worship and a story before we go home at 3:30pm

Our topic this term is all about the Titanic. We’ve all received a passport for a real life person who was on the Titanic. We’re enjoying researching their stories. We’re finding out if they were crew or a passenger and if they were what class passenger they were. We can even find out their ticket number and how much their tickets cost! Although we know it was a very tragic event, we have been interested to find our whether the person we were given survived or died. We’ve also seen some clips from the film showing us what the ship looked like. It was very grand! The sinking looked so scary, we can’t even imagine how they must have felt.

Overall, it’s great to be back with our friends and see all the grown-ups that help us.


Year 5 2019-20

Strong and Walliams

Remote Learning

Tuesday 12th January 2020

Hi Year 5, in case Tapestry is not working again today, I have loaded the worksheets on here for you to access today.

Video for maths-

Video link for red maths-

We've also added the Times Tables Challenge for decimals here, as that is not uploading either.

 Literacy L2 - Features.pdfDownload
 Maths worksheet (2).pdfDownload
 Maths worksheet- Red (2).pdfDownload
 R.E. Lesson 1.pdfDownload
 Times Tables Challenge - Decimals.pdfDownload
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Monday 11th January 2020

Hi Year 5, as Tapestry is not working, I have loaded the worksheets on here for you to access today.

Link for your science lesson-

Video for maths-

Video link for red maths-

 Friday Literacy Answers.pdfDownload
 Literacy L1 - Grammar.pdfDownload
 Maths Worksheet- Red.pdfDownload
 maths worksheet.pdfDownload
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Daily Lessons (School Closure)

Hello Year 5! Even though school has had to temporarily close, we need to keep on learning,  so to assist you with this you will need to ensure that you are checking this class page every day (Monday to Friday in term time). You will be expected to carry out one literacy task, one maths and one topic every day, as well as the daily practice of spellings, timetables and reading. We will be uploading work for you to do in the books you have been given every day. Please make sure you write the date every day in your books.

It's a great idea to start your day with some exercise so why not take a look at Joe Wicks'  PE lesson on Youtube at 9am every morning?! If you can't access his site, try out some exercises of your own similar to the circuits yo have to do in PE lessons. There are useful links to web sites in the document below - if they don't work, you may need to download the document first. 

We will upload work each day, below the Year 5 Home learning Task document below

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good Morning year 5!   What are today's tasks I hear you ask. 

Maths - I hope you enjoyed being detectives yesterday? Did you solve the crime? The  weapon was a dagger ,  the place was at the park and the suspect was....Daisy!  Well done if you solved it.

For today's maths I would like you to complete your arithmetic paper. 

As it is Friday, you need to complete your spelling test again- wow, where has the week gone! - don't forget to record your score.

Topic lesson = art (see attached ppt)

How many of your non-negotiable tasks have you managed to complete this week?

"All of them"!

Wow that's great news!!  ;)

Have a great holiday with your families and stay safe -missing you all!!


Oh, I nearly forgot! Who has won the battle in the Rockstar challenge?  Will it be Strong or Walliams?????

Very close, but the winners are.............................................................................................WALLIAMS-    Yeah!!!!!!!!

Top 3 players for Walliams =  1. AL, 2. SH and 3. AW                    Total points = 9214

                               Strong =  1. OB, 2. AW and 3. CB                     Total points = 8838


Excellent- great work to all those who participated!


New challenge set for over the Easter holidays, if you would like to join in.


 Art lesson 2.pdfDownload
 Mrs B's arithmetic group.pdfDownload
 Y5-Arithmetic-test 2.pdfDownload
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Easter Sign Language Challenge

As you can see, there is no maths or literacy lesson today, just your non-negotiable tasks.

What have you been up to in your free time? I have been trying to learn the piano! Lets use this time positively to try and learn a new skill or start anew hobby. Watch the video below to start learning some sign language with me! There is a competition at the end, make sure to post your answer on our twitter page @Towcesteryear5




Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hi everyone! Hope you had a smashing day yesterday.  

Here's the maths for today. In line with our 'Crime and Punishment' topic and following on from Mrs Meller on Tuesday, I have added another mystery for you to solve using your multiplication and division skills.  It is not real by the way and no one was injured in the making of the worksheet! (just in case you were wondering!)


Hello hello! Here is your Thursday's literacy lesson. Today we are embedding  relative clauses into sentences :-) P.s Make sure you check out the video of the staff singing 'Stronger Together' on the home page (I may of shed a tear or two). Miss you all!

 Literacy Thursday.pdfDownload
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Today's third lesson is French - you are going to be learning about an Easter legend. If the link in the pdf doesn't work you can click here but read the information in the pdf first.   


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good Morning year 5!  Hope you're all well and are learning lots of new life skills, as well as keeping up with your school work. 

 Loving Miss Mozdzynski's update on how to stay sane!!

Well, last Friday I set a secret challenge for you all! Did anyone log on to TTRockstars? Because if you did, you may have noticed a little 'battle' between the two classes! Don't worry if you haven't played yet this week, there is still time for you to change the result. The challenge will end on Friday!  A big well done to those from Walliams class - AW, AL, OD, SH, AS and AA and those from Strong class- OB, CB , CS, JS, LC OP, ZH and CW.   Keep on learning!


Here are the answers to yesterday's math's. Did you manage to solve the mystery and find out who the criminal was?



Today's maths tasks- enjoy! Apologies if the powerpoint has not downloaded as I set it up to. The digits do not seem to move when the mouse is clicked like they should.



 Literacy task Wednesday.pdfDownload
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 History activity sheet.pdfDownload
 History Wednesday.pdfDownload
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TOP TIPS: How to stay sane during isolation!!

Tuesday 31st March 2020

How did you find reading 'The Jungle Book' yesterday? Different to the Disney film?  Please find below your literacy for today, all around direct and indirect speech! I miss you all! Stay safe, stay home, wash those hands!


FYI: The green and blue task are on the second sheet - apologies, I forgot to put a sub-heading on the sheet

 Direct and Indirect speech.pdfDownload
 Literacy Tuesday task.docxDownload
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Math's - Here is today's math's, are you ready to solve a crime? Use your multiplication skills to help you become super sleuths! Tomorrow you will find out who the criminal was. You need to look at the multiplication mystery math's pdf first to solve the problems and then match the answers with the codes that are on the multiplication murder posters pdf. Good luck! 


Here are some activities to help you learn your spellings

 Mrs Beall's spelling group Tuesday 31st March.pdfDownload
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Please find below your RE lesson for today!

 RE Tuesday lesson.docxDownload
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Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning year 5! I hope you have had a lovely weekend- week 2 here we come! 

How did you get on with your spelling tests and arithmetic books?

Don't forget to logon to Joe Wicks this morning on YouTube at 9am, it is so important to keep active during this time! Also, try and listen to David Williams at 11am (He's one of my favourite authors). 

Your lessons are attached below, have fun!

Remember, you can do your lessons in any order! The science task below goes with the science pdf, which you will need to look at first. Enjoy your day and don't forget to wash your hands and stay home!!

 Mrs Beall's spellings 3003.pdfDownload
 spellings Y5.pdfDownload
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 Literacy 'The Jungle Book extracts'.pdfDownload
 Literacy Monday activity.pdfDownload
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Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning year 5!  Day 5 of the Home schooling- you've nearly made it through your first week!!

Are you trying to stick to a similar routine of school? I guess you're having more breaks (I am!), it is important though as you don't want to be staring at a screen all day. Why not treat yourself to a longer lunch break today, after all it is Friday!  

OK- this morning, try and get someone to test you on your spellings and to mark your arithmetic books (no cheating!). Record those scores and don't forget 'neat handwriting' for your spellings!

This afternoon you can try the outdoor art activity in your garden whilst the weather is sunny, don't forget to take a photo if you can, I'd love to see your designs!

Use today to complete your narrative stories and one of your grammar activities in your workbook. If you were not in school last week, I have scanned some of the sheets and uploaded them below.

I hope you have a lovely weekend year 5.

Stay safe, wash your hands and keep smiling!


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Thursday 26th March 2020

Hi year 5 and how are you doing today?

Fit and healthy, and raring to go on yet another sunny day! 

Did anyone log on to hear David Walliams read yesterday at 11?  If you missed it, the link is below- click on it.

It's Friday tomorrow year 5 and do you know what happens every Friday? Yes you do, it is the spelling test!        I hope you've been learning them! Don't forget to work out with Joe Wicks at 9am!


! History: If you normally complete Red or Amber during writing tasks, please can you research what life was like for children in Victorian prisons, instead of completing the task stated on the powerpoint.

 History activity sheet.pdfDownload
 History Thursday .pdfDownload
 Literacy Thursday.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning year 5!  I hope you are all well and are enjoying this lovely weather!

I have just removed the document where you could previously find your 'non-negotiable' tasks and I have replaced it with a powerpoint, which I think you will find a little clearer. It has mainly the same activities on it.

Next to each task, I have also added a recommended time that I think you should try and spend on them.   If you would like to do more then please do!  

Try your best to complete one task from each slide everyday. 

This powerpoint will be available everyday for you.

Have a great day!

David Walliams is releasing a free children's audio story everyday, at 11am, for the next month. Why don't you log on and have a listen!

 Literacy Wednesday.pdfDownload
 PE Wednesday.pdfDownload
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Remind yourself of 'The Highwayman' poem below

Tuesday 24th March

Please find below your literacy and RE lessons for today. Yesterday some parents reported having difficulty downloading the document, I am hoping this will resolve the problem. 

 Literacy Tuesday.pdfDownload
 RE Lesson new.pdfDownload
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Apologies if the images showing how to find percentages were taking forever to download - they have been uploaded again in a different format, so hopefully they will be easier to view

Monday 23rd March:

Here is your literacy for today- We are starting to write our narrative story! Have fun!

Here is your maths for today - there are photographs below reminding you how to do it.

Here are your weekly spellings. Spend time learning them each day and then get an adult to test you in the back of your book every Friday. Record your score so that we can collect them in when we're back! Don't forget to look up the definitions of each either in a dictionary or using the link in the documents above.

If you are in Mrs Beall's spelling group, here is this weeks spelling list

Here is your science for today Monday 23rd March. There is a choice - you can either do task 1 or task 2 depending on what resources you have at home

Please find below the school Calculation Policy to help you assist your child with their maths.

Welcome to Year 5

Walliams class: Mrs Meller, Mrs Tagg and Mrs Judkins

Strong Class: Miss Mozdzynski and Mrs Bealle

This term, year 5 will have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

  Children will be taught spellings in their classes this year.  Words will be given out on a Monday and the children will have opportunities to practise these in class ready to be tested on the Friday of the same week. Spelling books will now remain in school but children will be given an additional copy to practise at home. Arithmetic homework will be sent home on a Friday and will be due the following Friday.

Home Learning

Curriculum Overview

Home Learning

Curriculum Overview

Titanic WOW Day

Whole School Trip to Conkers July 2019

Maths Lesson

It isn't just Key Stage 1 who like playing with water! Year 5 loved learning about estimating capacity with lots of practical and messy water activities.

PDET Maths Day

Angry Earth Wow Day

We had lots of fun learning about natural disasters. We learnt how to perform an earthquake drill, made news reports and tested coke and mentos. We also built structures out of sweets and cocktail sticks which needed to withstand an earthquake (being shaken on a bowl of jelly).

Converting document.

Irreversible changes

Year 5 had so much fun ending our science topic with the mentos and coke experiment which was all about investigating irreversible changes.


All Star Cricket

 This term, we have a skilled cricketer from 'All Star Cricket' delivering our Tuesday P.E lessons. He is delivering game based activities that teach basic cricket skills including catching, throwing, hitting moving balls and social skills such as teamwork and communication. Year 5 really enjoyed their first lesson and are looking forward to more exciting games next week.

Year 5 loved learning about irreversible changes in science. We looked at what happens when Alka Seltzer is added to water. Then we added bicarbonate of soda to vinegar and observed what happened to the balloon. We ended up with a very smelly classroom but lots of enthusiastic scientists! 

New Sports Crew

We have selected our Sports Crew for next year! On Friday 26th of April, the new crew went for training in Northampton. They learnt different games and drills that will engage children of all ages get involved in sport.

Crime Wow day

Year Five had lots of fun solving crimes for the Guilty as Charged wow day this term. We arrived to a crime scene where a murder had taken place. We needed to hunt for clues to piece together what had happened. It all led to a poem called the Highwayman.

In the afternoon, we found out that Mrs Barnes had her chocolate bar stolen. There were 5 suspects and we had to work out who the culprit was by looking at fingerprints, footprints, handwriting and analysing the pen which was used to write a note by using chromatography. 

R.E Trip

In year 5 we are currently learning about Hinduism and on the 28th January, year 5 went and visited the Mandir Temple in Northampton. 



In literacy we have been making predictions on what could happen next in the short Disney Pixar film La Luna. In groups we then acted out out predictions.

Out of this World Wow Day - Term 3

We had lots of fun getting to grips with our new topic. In the morning, we took part in astronaut training which involved memory, physical and teamwork tests. In the afternoon, we made paper Mache planets and then launched ourselves into space.

As we come towards the end of our Titanic topic, we have been exploring where the passengers were destined to disembark, North America. We have been using Atlas' to learn more about the continent in geography.

Year Five had such a fun morning exploring the artefacts from the Titanic. We particularly enjoyed trying the life jackets on and winning some prizes.

In literacy we have been looking at evocative poetry. We listened to poems and drew pictures  to depict how it made us feel.


In science, we have been investigating air resistance. We designed our own parachutes with an egg attached to it. The aim was to prevent the egg from breaking. 

Some of the Year 5 children went to sing harvest songs for the Blind Club at Moorfields. The children sang beautifully and had such lovely discussions with the people afterwards. 

Investigating friction

Titanic Wow day

Today in Literacy we dramatized a scene from the book we are reading 'The Firework Makers Daughter' 

In science we have been learning about reproduction in flowers, we dissected some flowers and managed to find all the male and female parts including anther, filament - the male parts and the stigma, style and ovary which are the female parts.                We also found out about pollination.

Year 5 had the pleasure in attending a PDET Maths event in Wicksteed Park joining some other PDET schools. We had a demostration by Kjartan Poskitt author of Murderous Maths books, which the children found very amusing!

We then had two further activities to do, one being a puzzle challenge working as a team,the other The Bunker, which was code breaking.

Everybody had an enjoyable day!

Year 5 have recently enjoyed their Wow Day - Angry Earth.

We created volcano pictures using different techniques and different media.

We also took part in a treasure hunt which gave us clues as to which book we are studying next - 'The Firework maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman

Terrible Tudors WOW day

Our WOW day to introduce our new topic, 'Terrible Tudors',coincided with bring a man to school day.

There were four activities to complete: baking a Tudor biscuit, decorating a Tudor Rose, research on Tudor life and creating a class portrait of Henry VIII.

Enter text...

The hot task in literacy this term was a speaking and listening task. We had to work in groups to learn and perform the Highwayman poem. 

Walliams and Strong class had a fantastic science lesson investigating dissolving. We poured water onto skittles and observed what happened. The rainbow colours were fascinating to watch until they all mixed together. We noticed that the whole of the skittle dissolved apart from the S. Next week, we will be planning our own investigations based on this. We would like to investigate whether the temperature, type of liquid or type of solid can speed up the rate of dissolving. 

Year Five had lots of fun solving crimes for the Guilty as Charged wow day this term. We arrived to a crime scene where a murder had taken place. We needed to hunt for clues to piece together what had happened. It all led to a poem called the Highwayman. In the afternoon, we found out that Mrs Barnes had her chocolate bar stolen. There were 5 suspects and we had to work out who the culprit was by looking at fingerprints, footprints, handwriting and analysing the pen which was used to write a note by using chromatography. 

Term 4 Curriculum Overview and Home Learning

We had a great time on our Space Wow Day. We took part in astronaut training and visited the planetarium in the hall where we learned a huge amount about space.

Term 3 Home learning

Term 3 Curriculum Overview

Strong and Walliams have been learning some street dance moves and creating our own dances.

We have also been learning about Mechanisms including cogs, levers and gears

Term 2 Curriculum Overview and Home Learning

In science we have been investigating the most streamlined shape, made out of blu-tac, we dropped  them into water and timed how long the shape took to get to the bottom, we found out the cone shape was the most streamlined

Continuing our topic of The Titanic Strong and Walliams got into groups and discussed who they would save from the Titanic and why! We learnt there were only enough lifeboats for half the people on board and this decision had to be made. 


Strong & Walliams Classes are reading Kaspar Prince of Cats

written by Michael Morpurgo

Conscience Alley was used to act out Johnny Trott's decision to stay on  board the Titanic or not

Science investigation 

We have been investigating forces and the effect of mass on the force of an object - we had fun dropping objects into flour! 

The Tragic Titanic Wow Day

For our first topic of the school year we are looking at the tragic sinking of the Titanic.  For our topic Wow Day we made some food that would have been eaten in 1912 when the Titanic sank.  We tried Irish dancing, researched the Titanic and painted a representation of the Titanic as it approached the iceberg.  In the afternoon we were given passports and boarding passes for the Titanic and boarded the 'ship' to try some of the food we had made in the morning.


Term 1 Curriculum Overview and Home Learning