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Year 4 2020-2021

Pullman: Ms Thomas supported by Mrs Brown

Dahl: Mr Skears supported by Mrs Beall

Term 3 - Year 4 Topic -The Maya

This term in year 4 our topic has been the Maya, fortunately this includes chocolate! We have seen some fantastic explanation text in literacy based on how chocolate is produced and made into bars, this was very popular. In science, states of matter have meant we have been able to experiment with materials changing state (solids, liquids, gases), some great use of the snow! And of course chocolate! Art also had a middle American feel, as we have studied the work of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

As part of Mental Health week and a chance to catch up with our classes, the year four team have held zoom meetings with small groups, we played games, just talked and saw some different faces. We also saw quite a few dogs and babies! It was great fun and lifted all our spirits. So much so we will try it again after half term.

We hope to see you all again soon.

Stay safe.

Mr Skears

Term 2 -Anglo Saxons are back! by Lillie and Sofia

Fun Times

In Year 4, we have a new topic called Anglo Saxons. Instead of a Wow Day, we had two Wow afternoons.  The first thing we did was with Mr Skears.  We drew Celtic knots. Next we drew pictures using charcoal and the pictures were from a book called Beowulf with our Pullman class teacher called Miss Thomas.

Fun Times 2

It was the next day and it was time to create Anglo Saxon brooches using tin foil, string, cardboard and sharpies.  But first we did something even better. We went on a treasure hunt! Of course it was Anglo Saxon themed. Guess what happened next? We watched the Beowulf story. It was scary enough to give you nightmares.  It was so scary some people went to sit round the corner!

Super Sewing

It has been a few weeks since our Wow afternoons and we are doing some super sewing. We are learning how to do a seam and a hem. Some people wanted to do extra and make a decoration for their sewing project so they stayed in at lunch doing some fun sewing. It was great fun!

Other Subjects

Of course in class we do other subjects like Maths, English, Science and much more.  In English we have written a biography about the famous Ellen MacArthur and we are now learning about kennings. In Maths right now we are learning division and multiplication - it’s quite hard if you ask us.

The Article Ends

So, it’s the end of the article and we have had a great time talking to you!

Term 1 - Hi, It’s me, a pupil in Year 4. I love being her. We do all sorts of things like Maths, English and more Maths.

When we get into the classroom we do Early Work. Every day there is a different thing to do. It could be spellings or Times Tables.

This year we have a new handwriting scheme called Kinetic Letters. It’s all new for everyone, even the teachers, but there are all sorts of ways to help your writing, did you know?

First we do maths. The teacher, Miss Thomas, always explains like all teachers do. Right now the class and I are learning about adding all sorts of numbers. We do our work like good kids and mark them with a calculator and then we get ready for break.

After break is Spellings or Times Tables practice. If times tables we use our white board and do a race around the track and spiders. This is a spider with the times table sentence at the end of the leg. If it is spellings, we do our words and write them down in a column or do them in a sentence.


Of course, it’s English next and right now we are learning and reading about The Royal Rabbits. Have you read it before? We are soon going to do our Hot Write which is where the class write a character description about Shylo, one of the characters.

Now we have finished lunch and it’s the afternoon lessons. Not all days are the same. On Tuesday and Thursday we have PE and the rest of the days are random; but of course they are fun.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it. I am going to go now. This is a typical day in year 4.

By Sofia (Year 4)

Y4 Spring 21

We will post work here if Tapestry is working slowly.

I am unable to upload today's overview but here is the Zoom code for Literacy: Meeting ID: 2289798054 Passcode: NN126au.

Please complete todays work which should take an hour per lesson and spend at least an hour on the non-negotiables: TT Rockstars, Reading, Joe Wickes/ physical exercise, Spelling Bee practice, Oxford Owl spelling or Phonics.

     Welcome to Year 4 2019-2020 Learning from Home    

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Monday 30th March

Good morning, everyone!  I hope you've enjoyed the sunshine this weekend and been getting a bit of exercise.  I'm having a go at the website this week so bear with me - you know I'm not as good at ICT as Mrs Lewis! Hope you enjoy your learning! Today you are doing Literacy, Maths and PSHE.  You have your new spellings for the week as well as some Vocabulary Ninja.  Remember to continue with the non-negotiables! Enjoy Joe Wicks!

So kiddlies, we are in a world of unknown learning. We know you're all wonderful and going to work really hard, so below is the learning we're setting for you to do. Scroll through the PowerPoint to see what activities you've got for the day. You can also find Spelling Bee below that. Keep working hard and we'll see you again as soon as we can. 


You can start every day off with a 30 minute workout with Joe Wicks. Just go to his YouTube channel,, and join in live with the rest of the nation at 9am, Monday to Friday. You can even check out the link below to see Miss Bushell joining in!

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Year 4 are Dahl Class, taught by Mrs Lewis and supported by Miss Bushell and Pullman Class, taught by Miss Thomas and supported by Miss James. Mrs Fisher will be teaching Pullman Class on a Tuesday afternoon and Dahl Class on a Wednesday afternoon.  This term the children will have outdoor PE Wednesdays - they need to have suitable PE kit in school at all times. They will also be having swimming lessons on Thursday.  Children will be taught spellings in their classes this year. Spelling books will now remain in school but children will be given their spellings to practise at home. Words will be given out on a Monday ready to be tested on the Friday of the same week.  Maths homework will be sent home on a Friday and will be due the following Thursday.

Mighty Mayans!

Curriculum Overview and Home Learning

Image result for cocoa plant     From Beans to Bar...     Image result for chocolate bar

Kindness Week

As part of our Kindness Week, we have read the Go Away bird and found out about how she wasn't very nice to the other birds who were trying to be her friend. It wasn't until she needed their support that she realised it was better to have friends and be kind to them. In Year 4, we chose to be creative and draw our own birds from the story and colour them in with oil pastels. Have a look at what we did. 

Literacy Learning Journey

Our journey begins with the story of a poor, young boy to gets a lucky and finds a golden ticket which will change his life... Well that's Charlie's journey. Ours actually began with simply looking for words we didn't understand. Firstly we read the start of the book and highlighted words we were unsure of. After that we were able to find the definitions of most of these words using the dictionary. This also helped us to identify their word class - many of us were still unsure of what the difference is between nouns, adjectives and verbs! Less so now though :)

Wow Day

The children had a great day, trying out their weaving skills as well as making and eating brownies! What a great way to start off our topic about chocolate.

Curriculum Overview and Home Learning


Smashing Saxons!

We had a great Wow Day!  We were lucky enough to have a visit from Cwen ap Bjornja, the Queen of the Warrior Maidens! She told us what was like in Saxon times, showed us lots of artefacts, taught us how to use a long bow, let us try herbs and oatcakes.  We even tasted a flower!  She finished her session by telling us an Anglo-Saxon saga she had written herself.  Many thanks to Suzie, a parent and volunteer who gave up her own time to share her passion for the Saxons!

                              Curriculum Overview and Home Learning                              


How do we Hear?

Year 4 had great start to the year. We have had a wonderful wow day, exploring our new topic on sound. We experimented with sound using cups and string to communicate, making ear cornets, and creating sound words.



                              Curriculum Overview and Home Learning                              

Welcome to Year 4 2018-19

Year 4 are Pullman Class, taught by Miss Thomas and supported by Miss James, and Dahl Class, taught by Mrs Lewis and supported by Mrs Beall. Mrs Johnson will be teaching Pullman Class on a Tuesday afternoon and Dahl Class  on a Wednesday afternoon.  This term the children will have PE on Tuesdays and swimming on Wednesdays - they need to have suitable PE kit in school at all times.  Children will be taught spellings in their classes this year.  Words will be given out on a Monday and the children will have opportunities to practise these in class ready to be tested on the Friday of the same week. Spelling books will now remain in school but children will be given an additional copy to practise at home.  Mental Maths homework will be sent home on a Friday and will be due the following Thursday.

Science Investigation Morning

The theme was Survival.  Year 4 considered how eggs can survived if dropped from a height. Mr Deamer was happy to help!

Enter text...


We had a fantastic time: Barefoot Walk, Activity Trail, Sensory Trail, Labyrinth, Maze, The Warrens.  A great day out - the pictures speak for themselves!

Term 6 - Curriculum Overview and Home Learning

Term 5 - Curriculum Overview and Home Learning


The learning continued outside as the children got to explore how to create a Stop Motion movie as part of the design technology lesson. This is a great example of cross curricular learning as it ties in with their literacy lessons as well as using the tablets, incorporating ICT!


What a great start to the term, with the sun shining and lots of lessons outside. We've started our day off by learning a few lines from Chapter 1 of The Iron Man. With each child learning or reading their lines, we were able to retell the opening of the story. 


We can't believe we're in the summer term already, but here we are! Although it's a short term, we've got lots of exciting things to learn. Take a look at our curriculum overview to see what the children will be doing. With it being such a short term, it's really important that the children engage fully with the topic so there are some great activities for the children to try at home and earn stars for their home learning.


This term has started with a great wow day where the children explored the different layers of our teeth, made a Modroc model of a body. They have also done some amazing artwork based on the cover of The Iron Man, which we will be reading as part of our literacy lessons. Fun was had by all! 

Term 4 - Curriculum Overview and Home Learning

Bring A Man To School Day - Well what can I say? We had quite a few Dads, Grandads and Uncles come to Year 4 not knowing what was in store for them!

We started off the morning with a bit of Go Noodle to wake everyone up, even the adults,  then onto Art or science experiments; 

Art - Inspired by Mexican Artist Frieda Kahlo's ' The Frame'

Ice Fishing - using string, ice cubes and salt to find out which methods worked better to collect the most ice cubes.

Walking under water - a cup, cardboard, water and victims, sorry volunteers!

The adults seemed to enjoy this as much as the children, even though a few went home very wet!

Not Frontier - While some Year 4's were enjoying themselves on their residential the rest of Year 4 had some fun based around our topic The Mayans.

Making Quesadillas, and tasting them, Mayan weaving, getting lost in the Amazon Rainforest (Forest School), survival activity (what would be taken to the Rainforest) and anyone willing to try the Chilli Challenge, hence the photos!

A great few days was had by all!

Term 4 started our new topic about The Mayans, we had fun playing Pok-A-Tok an ancient Mayan ball game only using heads, shoulders and elbows to hit a ball, the winners sacrificed the captains head to use inside the ball! 

A couple of our children lost their heads during the game too! 

The children also made some very elaborate masks using fabric, feathers and coloured paper and looked at Mayan numbers, not like ours, using them to make codes for others to decipher.

Term 3 - Curriculum Overview and Home Learning

Dahl went to Towcester Library to find out a bit more about the Mayans in preperation for next term.

Year 4 went to Cadburys World for our topic From Bean to Bar, would be rude not to!

We learnt about the Mayans, which is next terms topic, and how they used cocoa beans.

Great fun was had on a very packed day, going on rides, learning about the history of chocolate and tasting some melted chocolate, yummy!


Maths Investigation morning, Year 4 had to draw foods you would get from a diner on a plate then multiply each item by two for the next plate and so on... 

Some children ran out of space to draw that many items! 

Year 4 have been looking at different ingredients to add to Brownies like honey, raspberries, Oreos and Mini Eggs. We made one of each of these brownies to taste. 

The children had a great time making these but even better time tasting them! 


Science Investigation Morning

The whole school had a great morning making paper aeroplanes and seeing whose could travel the furthest or stay in the air the longest. Dahl worked hard making theirs and trying to improve their designs. Who knew learning could be fun :p


We've been learning about solids, liquids and gases in our science lessons this term. The children were asked to prove that air weighs more than nothing! They also discovered that gases can be compressed.


Open Morning

The children had a lovely morning playing shops. In Maths they have been learning about money and how to calculate change. This was an extra special morning as some of the children had their grown-ups in to support them.


Year 4 Wow Day

We had an introduction to our new Topic - From Beans to Bar...

Pupils were split into groups for different activities including making Milk and Dark chocolate Brownies, drawing animals of the Rain-forest using pastels and creating our own chocolate bars, packaging and thinking of how to advertise them.

Term 2 - Curriculum Overview and Home Learning

Online Safety - FAKE NEWS!

As part of our online safety week, we have been looking at how we shouldn't always believe what we read or see. We focused on how images can misrepresent reality. Take a look at some of what we have been doing.

Did you see that flying pig? 


Time to relax and unwind!

It's oh so quiet in our indoor P.E. lessons this term. We're enjoying relaxing and working on improving our well-being by doing yoga. The children can't believe how tricky some of these moves are - balance needs to be worked on! They are also surprised at how their tummy muscles ache afterwards - we're doing a great job of working on improving our core strength.


Off to the Library

Hi ho, hi ho, it's to the library we go. This term, both Year 4 classes have visited the local library where they were learning more about the Anglo-Saxons. They had a great time writing their coded messages in runic and they enjoyed it even more watching the teachers try to solve them. It was also lovely to see some of them sitting quietly enjoying getting stuck in to a good book.


An Anglo-Saxon Reenactment

What luck children we have. They had the opportunity to travel back in time and experience what it meant to be an Anglo-Saxon warrior. It was brilliant fun trying on their armor and seeing the weapons they would have used back then.

Here are some of Pullman battling it out for their land.

Here are some of Dahl inspecting several pieces of armor used to keep them safe in battle. 


Smashing Saxons!

We love a bit of food on our wow days and this time it was a sweet treat with a twist. The children were making and Anglo-Saxon favourite, very similar to a well-known flapjack. These oat, apricot and cinnamon cakes were a hit with most of the children, while other children were not so keen. There was also time to get dirty hands as they created some fabulous charcoal drawings.

Term 1 - Curriculum Overview and Home Learning

Restart a Heart - CPR

As part of Restart a Heart day, the children in KS2 were able to put their life saving skills to the test. They were performing heart compressions and mouth-to-mouth (if they didn't find it too disgusting) and learning what to do if someone needs help. You are all in safe hands now, there's lots of mini medics out there to save the world.


A democratic school

We love a bit of democracy in our school, it's all about being fair and having our say. In order for the children to understand this key British value, they were given the opportunity to vote for their own school council. The KS2 was turned in to a polling station on this very important day and the votes were in!

How do we hear?

Year 4 had great fun starting our new topic on Sound.   

We experimented with sound using cups and string to communicate, making ear cornets, noisy straw trumpets and creating sound words.

Meet Odin

Year 4 had the pleasure of meeting Odin the Hearing Dog along with his trainer Bridget, who talked to us about how Hearing Dogs are very important to people who are hearing impaired. 

Everyone had an opportunity to pet Odin too!

Welcome to Year 4 2017-18

Enter text...

Year 4 are Pullman Class, taught by Miss Thomas and supported by Miss James, and Dahl Class, taught by Mr Skears and supported by Mrs Johnson.  Pullman Class are also taught by Mrs Doran on a Tuesday morning.  This term the children will have PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  

Term 6 continued

To celebrate the end of our pen pal project, Pullman class visited Leeson Court and met our pen pals.  We had a lovely time chatting with the residents and enjoyed some squash and biscuits.  Thank you to Karen from SNVB and Lorraine from Leeson Court for arranging this valuable event.  Lorraine also provided goodie bags for all of us which was much appreciated!

Term 6

On Thursday we had our Ooh la la! wow day.  The children and staff all dressed up on a French theme and ordered food in our French cafe.  

Term 5

This term, our topic is Busy Bodies, which focuses on teeth, digestion and healthy eating.   The curriculum overview and Home Learning can be found below. It was great to welcome so many visitors to Bring a Man to School Day.  We hope you enjoyed the food tasting, making a model of a tooth and making wire sculptures!

This week Year 4 have been cooking their healthy stir-fry for their DT project. It was yummy!

Last Friday, Pullman Class were very excited to receive their second letter from their pen pals at Leeson Court.  We're all very excited about the tea party that we will attend in June to meet our pen pals!

Last Friday, we had an exotic visitor to Year 4.   Billy the tortoise came in and we all had a stroke!

Yesterday, Year 4 visited Wicksteed Park to participate in a Faith Roadshow organised by PDET. We learnt about different religions such as Buddhism, Sihkism, Jainism, Christianity and Humanism.  We dressed up, explored different artefacts and tasted some Indian sweets.  We signed a pledge to be friends with people of different faiths.

This week Pullman Class received replies from our pen pals at Leeson Court.  We were so excited to find out who our pen pal was, how old they were and about their hobbies and interests.  Our oldest pen pal is 98 years old!

Book Week

In year 4 we all wrapped a book and wrote a review.  We then read the reviews and picked a book.  We really enjoyed unwrapping them to see what we had picked!

We also completed a Where’s Wally?  treasure hunt and enjoyed dressing up as book characters on World Book Day.

Term 4

In Term 4 we are continuing with our Amazing Amazon! topic but with more of a focus on Fairtrade.  There is a new home learning sheet but no new curriculum overview.

Term 3 (continued)

Pullman Class have signed up for a School for Life Pen-pal Pledge which promotes inter-generational links.  We have each written a postcard to a resident at Leeson Court and we are eagerly awaiting their replies!

Term 3

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break!

This term our topic is Amazing Amazon.  Yesterday we had our Wow Day.  The children investigated the states of matter through melting and solidifying chocolate - they made rice crispie cakes! They also painted a 'tile' from 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' by Rousseau - this will contribute to a composite picture for the classroom.  They designed chocolate boxes, had a salsa lesson with a specialist dance teacher and used ICT to research rainforest animals to make their own Top Trumps game. 

Term 2

This term year 4 are making another floor book to show the stages in their science investigation work.  We are investigating which habitats woodlice prefer and made a choice chamber to observe their preferences.

On Wednesday 6th December, Year 4 visited Towcester museum to learn about the Saxons.  We learnt how to play some Saxon children's games and we dressed up as Saxons.  Thank you to the volunteers at the museum who helped us with our learning.


Our topic this term is Smashing Saxons.  On our Wow Day, we made Saxon pots out of clay, designed Saxon knots, cooked Saxon oatcakes and drew charcoal pictures of the characters from Beowulf.

Suzy, a Saxon reenactor who is also a parent at the school, kindly came in to show the children Saxon artefacts and tell them about Saxon life.

This week is online safety week and Year 4 have been learning about fake news.  They have been writing their own fake news stories using false perspective photos.

Dottie comes to Towcester!

Yesterday, Year 4 were visited by Terry and his hearing dog, Dottie.  The children will soon be reading Echo Come Home which is about a Jake, who is deaf, and his hearing dog, Echo.  The children loved meeting Dottie and hearing about how she has been trained and how she helps Terry.  They were all allowed to 'fuss' her and give her a treat!

Wow day: How do we hear? 

Our topic this term is How do we hear? which has a science focus on sound.  On our wow day we listened to high frequency sounds that the adults couldn't hear, completed a sound quiz, in which we had to identify 22 sounds, and went on a sound hike around the school. We completed 4 activities: Pictowords, Ear Trumpets, Straw Horn and String Telephones.  We made a lot of noise and got in quite a tangle!