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Welcome to Year 3


Potter Class - Miss Lawrence, Mrs Williams and Mrs Johnson

Morpurgo Class - Ms King, Ms James and Mrs Lygo

Year 3, Term 5 and 6 Home Learning Projects

Year 3, Term 5 Curriculum Overview

The Year Three, Term Three Newsletter!

Oh my goodness!  What a shock this term has been to us all!  Children, parents and teachers have all had to learn how to learn all over again, and we think we’ve all been brilliant!  We’re so impressed with the dedication and effort put in at home to help children learn and stay busy.  We know it hasn’t been easy and we’ve had to persevere (much like Capt Tom) and try things out to see if they work, accept failure and try again.  A big well done to everyone – you’ve all really deserved a full week off home learning next week!

This term, children have been very busy, despite not being at school as normal.  We’ve loved seeing your crafty activities from ice-hangers to bid feeders, from pizzas to scribble-art.  We’ve learned all about the amazing adventures of The Boy Who Biked the World and of Phineas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days.  We’ve learned about using ‘a’ or ‘an’, expanded noun phrases, compound sentences and non-chronological reports.  In Maths we rehearsed and learned strategies for multiplying and dividing, we learned how to use money and understand tallies and pictograms.  We thought about our mental health and that of others.  Lots of you wrote a letter to a friend or a family member, while key-worker children in school wrote letters to our partner school in Germany to share Lockdown experiences.

Enjoy a well-deserved learning break everyone and we look forward to seeing you all at some point in Term 4 for our new topic, ‘Rock, Roll and Rumble’! 

Term 2 -Year Three Newsletter

Well, here we are, already heading towards the end of term 2!  We have been thoroughly enjoying our Ancient Egyptians topic.  We began on our Wow Day by mummifying two huge beefsteak tomatoes.  We followed the instructions carefully and have been watching the changes.  Morpurgo’s tomato looks quite unchanged, but the salt mixture has changed from wet and smooth to hard and crystalline.  We will continue to monitor progress.  It is sad that we haven’t been able to arrange our dressing up day this year.  If anyone has a costume organised, then please keep it handy so that we can use as soon as we can organise another dressing up wow day.

In Maths we have been continuing with our addition and subtraction learning and have applied this to measuring.  Children have done well at converting mm to cm and cm to m.  Thank you to parents for rehearsing these skills with their children at home.  We have also studied perimeter and for the rest of the term we will be studying multiplication and division (rehearsing year 2 learning and moving onto new year 3 learning).

In English lessons we have been learning about the art of letter-writing and paragraphing and have applied these skills to writing a letter to Flat Stanley, a character from our class novel.  Children wrote very thoughtfully and produced very good work.  We have now moved on to poetry and descriptive writing.  Children have been working hard every day at learning their phonics and spellings.  All children now have a home reader from either the reading scheme or the phonics scheme.  As children are listened to in every phonics lesson, you will not find teacher comments in the red reading records. Please ensure that you yourselves do complete the reading records in order that your child can change their book and receive their star for three reads in a week.

This year, compared to usual, our school is very quiet in the run-up to Christmas, but it was lovely to be able to take the children out to the playground for singing one or two Christmas carols and songs. Year Three children remembered the song words from last year’s performance brilliantly.   We have also been busy planning our Christmas Window Display and look forward to the ‘grand reveal’!

Thank you once again, for all the support you provide for your child’s learning.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas break,


The Year Three Team.

Term 1 - Year 3 Newsletter

Learning in Year 3 Wonderful Walkers

We’ve had a wonderful first term here in Year Three!  The children have been amazing – working hard, being sensible with our new measures and learning lots.

We’ve also had a great lot of home learning in too.  Well done everyone. 

We have completed our lengthy phonics and reading assessments.  Just to clarify, those children on our new Reading Scheme will be bringing home spelling sheets and home reading books. Those children working on our new Phonics Scheme will be bringing home their reading books once all the new sounds have been covered.


Daily Routines in Year 3

Our daily routines are a little bit different this year, but we know that it is ok to be different and accept that sometimes things have to change. We all have to wash our hands at least six times a day while we are at school to help keep us safe. It is a bit strange having different start and finish times to our friends and siblings in the other year groups but we are getting used to it. If we have a packed lunch, we also eat our lunch in the classroom rather than the dinner hall. Then at playtimes and lunch times we stay with just our bubble of year 3 children.

In our classroom we now have to sit in rows facing the front rather than in groups but we still get to do lots of fun activities, such as making an elbow joint, playing ‘Race to 100’ in Maths or painting.


Our topic this term is Wonderful Walkers. We began our topic with a ‘wow day’. On our ‘wow day’ we investigated what our amazing bodies can do by trying lots of different activities including running, jumping, dribbling, bending and stretching. We made animal masks and skeletons out of cotton buds. We had a great morning in Forest School working together in small groups to make a trap to catch an injured small animal of our choice!  There were some fantastic designs with enclosures, trap doors and autumn fruits bait to entice the animals in.  We saw lots of collaboration with clever thinking and explanations, plus we all enjoyed spending time in our forest school area again in the beautiful sunshine. 

We have been learning all about our bodies, and on WOW Day a skeleton appeared in our classroom and we learnt some of the names of the bones in our body. We have learnt that we have over 600 muscles in our bodies and we even made a model of an arm out of cardboard and elastic bands to represent the muscles in our arms, the biceps and the triceps. We also know about hydro skeletons, endoskeletons and exoskeletons.



In English this term we have been reading a book called ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’. It is about a lovable china rabbit who goes on lots of different adventures and he meets lots of different characters. We have been thinking about using adjectives and conjunctions to extend and improve our sentences.


In R.E. lessons we have been learning all about the Creation story and how Christians believe that God created the world that we live in. We have collected natural resources to make a rainbow collage. We were not allowed to destroy any living thing; it was quite hard to find all of the colours of the rainbow. We had a lesson where we had to create something beautiful out of lego, then we had to destroy it. Then we were given an impossible task of making the Garden of Eden with no instructions. We tried really hard to complete this task but decided that instructions would have made it much easier. We then created a list of instructions about how we should care for God’s Creation.


French lessons are lots of fun! Especially ‘pass the parcel’.  We love the stories and songs, especially the one about the Little Princess who shouts ‘I Want My Potty!’  We can say finger rhymes in French too and we are learning some colours.


At the beginning of the year we started with a small topic called ‘Here we are’. It made us think about the different parts of the world, including the sea, land and sky, and the different things in it that we should be grateful for. In PSHE we have learnt about fixed mindset and growth mindset. We shouldn’t give up or get upset when we can’t achieve something the first time. We should always try our best and try to change our mindset from fixed to growth. We need to accept challenges to help us learn, we can achieve things if we keep on trying.


In P.E. we have been trying out lots of different athletic activities such as sprinting, hurdles, relay races and long jumps. This week we are going to try some long distance running, cross country. We always begin our P.E. lessons with lots of warm up games and we have also tried skipping. We have also been learning to play basketball and have been practicing skills such as dribbling, passing and will also learn to shoot.

Written by the children and teachers in Year 3.

Online Learning at Home - Spring 2021

WEDNESDAY, 13th January, 2021

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Tuesday 12th January - here is Tuesday's learning incase it is not possible to access Tapestry.

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Monday 11th January 2021 - Please find attached your learning for today. Hopefully Tapestry will be back up and running soon!

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Term 2 - Walk Like an Egyptian

We had lots of fun on our first day back after the half term holidays. Firstly, we thought about what we already knew about Ancient Egypt and wrote some questions of things we would like to find out. After that, we began a three-week long science investigation into what happens during the mummification process. We followed instructions to mummify a body (well, a tomato!) and we will be following its progress carefully over the next few weeks. In the afternoon, we got creative by looking at and replicating some Egyptian jewellery and we made a fun mini-mummy too!

We are all very excited about our new topic and looking forward to lots of home learning. Please find attached a copy of our home learning grid for this term here.

Term 1 - Wonderful Walkers 

We really enjoyed our wow day this term. We looked at what our bodies can do, made animal masks and also skeletons out of cotton buds. We also learnt about different types of skeletons, exoskeleton, endoskeleton and hydroskeleton!

     Welcome to Year 3 2019-2020 Learning from Home

We will be uploading work here on our class web page everyday (Monday to Friday during term time) from Monday 23rd March 2020 onward. 

Happy Easter holidays everyone!   

Well done to everybody, children and parents, for surviving the first weeks of home learning.  We hope you have enjoyed the lessons so far!   Now you have two weeks of Easter holidays to relax and enjoy some more time with your families.  We are not setting daily work as everyone needs a rest, but would love you to keep reading and working on your times tables and spellings. 

For anyone wanting to keep busy, you will find some ideas on an Easter Bingo activity sheet and some Easter mindfulness colouring below.  This is not compulsory, just for fun!   

We are missing you all, and looking forward to seeing and sending some messages via Tapestry after the holidays. 

With best wishes for a lovely Easter holiday and for you all to keep safe and well,  Miss Lawrence, Mrs. Williams and Mr. Skears x

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We hear that some Year 3's are wanting extra Maths work!  If you want some more work to keep you busy try these challenge cards....

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 Y3 Place value challenge cards.pdfDownload
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Learning from Home w/c Monday 30th March 2020

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Learning from Home w/c Monday 23rd March 2020

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Year 3 2019-20

Welcome to Year 3

Potter Class: Miss Lawrence, Mrs Williams, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Lygo.

Morpurgo Class: Mr Skears, Mrs Kirby and Mrs Lygo.

Key Information: 

Spellings are given on a Monday for a test at the end of the week on Friday.

Mental Math Homework is given on a Fridays and to be handed in by the following Friday.

P.E is Tuesday and Wednesday.

Home learning is given out at the beginning of term. Now in KS2, your child will no longer have a book to stick it in but can bring it in however they wish! Make sure it has names on!

We hope your child enjoys their year!

Term 4 - Walk like an Egyptian

Term 3 - Around the World

Term 2 - Incredible Inventions

Term one- Animal Antics

Term 5 and 6 - Ancient History

The Ashmolean! 

This term we have been looking at Ancient Greek myths and using description to create a picture on the reader's mind.  

We have been learning all about Pentecost and what impact it had on Christianity. Check out the Key Stage 2 hall, during Celebration Assembly, to see what we have been creating to celebrate the birthday of the church.

Potter Homework Show!

At the end of every term Potter put on a Homework Show. Allowing others to see their work up close and talk to them about it.

Holy Week

We spent a whole day thinking about why the day Jesus died was called "Good Friday".

Forest school - finally!

Welly-fun Wednesday!

We took part in dance, art, music and math activities using our wellies. Then, at the end of the day, we wrote a diary recount from the perspective of our welly! I think the wellies, and the children, had a fun day!

Term 4 - Walk like an Egyptian

Term 3 - Around the World in 80 days

Keeping the 5 Pillars, what difference does it make?

This term we have been learning how to write a biography.

Term 2

Term 1

In Term One Year 3 have been thinking about what it is like to follow God. We have had some very thoughtful discussions.

Year 3 2017 - 2018

Welcome to Year 3

Here is some key information to help you understand how we work!

Spellings: There has been a change to the days, these are as follows: the children are set into spelling groups and attend these groups 3 times a week. On a Friday they will receive some spellings in a pink book. The spellings they must practise will be stuck into this book. Your child must  practise the spellings and bring the pink book back on a Monday morning for their lessons the following week, resulting in a test on the Friday.

Mental Maths: Every Friday the children will bring home their large blue mental maths book with an activity stuck in. They are to complete this work at home and bring it back the following Thursday so it can be marked and a new activity stuck in.  

Home learning: No home learning book is provided in Key Stage 2 so you can either provide your own to stick the work in, or, bring it in loose - but with names on! 

P.E: we have P.E on Monday and Thursday. Please ensure your children have all the correct P.E clothing. This includes trainers, jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt as one session a week, unless it is a torrential downpour, will be outside.

We hope your children settle into Year 3 well and enjoy all the exciting learning we will be doing. 

Musical Magic

Wow! What an amazing concert from our budding musicians. After only ten lessons, the Year 3's performed a selections of songs involving actions as well as playing four fantastic tunes. They have worked so hard in our all of our lessons, initially taking nearly a whole lesson just to assemble their clarinet and then take it apart again. Who would have thought that in such a short amount of time, they would be able to play tunes with up to five different notes. They were truly amazing and we very much hope that those grown-ups who were able to attend, enjoyed it just as much as we did. Well done Year 3. There are many children who have said they would like to carry on with lessons, which is fantastic.


 After a long morning of practising and playing their clarinets, it was only fair for them to have a break in the sunshine.

Happy, Healthy and Seriously Sporty

We're off to a sweaty start as the children take part in a morning workout. 


Then it called for plenty of water and a little bit of chill out time to finish off.


As the day continued, we played a few different team games, including netball and rounders. After this it was time to create our own games before teaching them to the rest of the year group. There was some very tired children at the end of the day but they soon perked up when the picnic came out!


Now to see what happens when a child is in charge of your camera...time for a close up, or two :)


Home Learning

Curriculum Overview

Maths Morning

Morpurgo had a fantastic maths morning spent outside working both independently and in groups. During our first lesson the children had to hunt for questions focusing on adding and subtracting multiples of 100's. They had a great time. After break, it was time for team work with a range of maths problems to solve. This time we weren't just working with 100's but also adding and subtracting multiples of 10's and then the same again with 1's. Even working as a team they still manage to ignore the operation. Again, another great less though. We love a bit of outdoor learning!


Time to Talk

Writing speech isn't always easy, there's just so much punctuation...where does it go??? Well we all had a piece of paper with words or punctuation and we had to find five other people who we could group up with to make our sentence. It took a while...but eventually we did it. Get in! The children just loved getting up, getting active and moving around in our literacy lesson.

Romans Rule!

It's time to look a little bit closer to home now, focusing on our Roman roots. The topic has started off with a fantastic trip to the Verulamium Museum in St. Albans. The children were able to see and touch real Roman artefacts, items that had been unseen, buried for nearly 2000 years! 

Once we arrived, it was time for some fresh air and fun before lunch...they had missed their break time after all. Following on from lunch, we all went to visit the remains of a real Roman theatre where many people would spend an evening enjoying a play, gladiator fighting or even a hanging or two. With this all being outdoor, it was lucky that the weather was so lovely.

The final part of our day was inside the museum, children got to explore the various areas of Roman life, see mosaic floors which had been uncovered and even see the real remains of some Roman soldiers. After that they had the opportunity to touch some of these artefacts, discuss their uses and ask questions about them.

A fun day was had by all and there were some very tired children (and grown-ups) on the coach home.

Bring a man to school...

What a brilliant morning we had. The sun was shining and the children were buzzing to work with the new additions to our classes, showing what they know or asking them what they thought. It was a jam-packed morning full of science. There were six different activities, focusing on either light or plants. They were reflecting the sun between each other using mirrors, seeing how they felt about putting their hand in a very dark box containing some potentially scary objects (mostly leaves, sticks or stones, but the children didn't know that), or drawing their shadows and their grown-up's on the playground. When it came to plants, they were off on a hunt to find the various parts of a plant or what a plant needed to be healthy. This helped them when it came to planting our vegetable seeds. Finally, they got to be calm and use nature to create art. Have a look at some of the fun that was had... 

Walk like an Egyptian!

During the last 3 weeks, Year 3 have been learning about Geometry. To begin with, most children said they had "no idea" what this was but, by the end of the unit, all children had made fantastic progress! I am very proud of all of them. Look at our working wall below to see what we have been learning about.

Around the World in 80 Days! Term 3

Curriculum Overview

Home Learning

Christmas singing

Sorry Year 3 never made it to Tesco to show off our lovely singing. To make up for it we recorded the video below. Enjoy!

Our learning journey towards our newspaper hot write.

First we focused on word and sentence skills. Then we looked at the features of a newspaper report. Finally we wrote our newspaper reports and thought about what we were proud of.

Tuesday 14th November - Science Investigation morning

Year 3 had to investigate the best design for a boat. We thought about the material it was made of, the size of the boat and the quality of the build. In order to measure each design we added cubes into the boat and decided the boat that held the most cubes before it sank was the best design.

Dennis the Menace Wow Day

What a lot of menaces we had! There was chaos right from the beginning of the is believed that Dennis came in to Morpurgo's classroom the night before and made the biggest mess ever! There was tissue hanging from the ceiling, tables and chairs thrown over, books scattered around the room and even Miss Crouch's trainers hanging from the ceiling.

It was then the children's turn. They squirted water at people, threw icing sugar at teachers, delivered glasses of water with ice cubes and an extra surprise and they even covered Mrs Griffin's chair with toilet paper. The fun didn't stop there. The children worked in groups to protect their eggs ready to drop from the bus. They had a selection of items which they could buy using lolly sticks. Not all of the eggs made as far as the bus but those that did nearly all survived, only one cracked! 

Curriculum Overview

Home Learning

Year 3 will be having a Dennis the Menace Wow Day on Thursday 2nd November. Children can come to school dressed as Dennis, Gnasher or Minnie. They are also welcome to bring in their own jokes and pranks to use during the day.

Who can be the most mischievous?

Image result for dennis the menace png

Build a Bug!

For our DT project this term, we were making minibeast cushions, either a ladybird or a bumble bee. The children worked hard on their sewing skills and behaved very sensibly with the sharp needles and pins. As a result of their hard work, they created some lovely cushions and here they are.

Features of Towcester's Landscape

Both classes had an out and about on what can only be described as a wild day - strong winds blowing and an unusual looking sun. We went off on the hunt for human (man-made) and physical (natural) features of our local landscape. The children were great at spotting these. We used a dab to show when we identified  human features and more of an 'I don't know' look for the physical features. What else can they see when they are out and about?

A Special Visit from the Bee Man Image result for bee png

We were really fortunate to know our very own bee man - Mr Camp! After his month of travelling, we convinced him to come back and talk to us about his bees. He brought in lot of exciting things for the children to look at, dress up in and even eat - yummy runny honey on a cracker. Delicious!

Related imageMini-beast Cushions Commence!

The cutting and sewing begins. We are looking forward to making our ladybirds and bumble bee cushions as part of our DT project this term. We've got the shape cut out so far, now for the sewing.

Morpurgo's trip to the library.

We had our first trip to the library this term and heard a disgusting story asking questions about whether we would like to dine with a dung beetle - no thank you! We looked at looks of bugs about bugs or had the chance to choose other books that interested us. There were also pictures of characters from our topic and we got to colour them in and take them home. It was a lovely afternoon.

Can I mentally add ones, tens and hundreds to a given number?

We thought about the best ways to add single digits, tens numbers and hundreds to given numbers by playing an accumulative addition game. The winner was not the first to reach the finish but the person with the highest score once all players had finished. 

Flick's Big Adventure

In our Literacy lessons, we have started to look at adventure stories and have been learning all about the adventure of Flick the ant, off on a missions to rescue his Queen from the evil beetle Shadow. The children worked in groups and created actions to help them retell the text.