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Year 2 2020-2021

Welcome to Year 2

Ahlberg Class: Mrs Tagg and Mrs Meller supported by Mrs Baker

Anholt Class: Mrs Daniels supported by Mrs Coleman

Term 3 In Year 2


What a strange term it has been! It is hard to believe that some of us have only had one day in school this term. We have all had to adapt very quickly and the staff are proud of how our families have coped. This term our topic was Explorers and the children have learned about Christopher Columbus in History. In Design and Technology, the children planned, made and evaluated a vehicle for an explorer. The results were fantastic!


We all had a lot of fun with our English lessons this term as we read two great books about pirates! “The Night Pirates” featured some very rough tough girl pirates who stole the grown up’s treasure! “The Pirate Cruncher” had a funny twist at the end that the children really enjoyed. We have seen some amazing writing as a result.


In maths lessons, the children revised their recognition of coins and notes and then moved on to using their calculation skills to solve problems involving money. Lots of children were using real coins at home and setting up shops. We then moved on to statistics and the children enjoyed making tally charts and pictograms about all sorts of things around their home. In school we tallied how many birds we could spot in the playground and took the opportunity to learn to identify some new birds! We have now started to learn about 2D and 3D shapes and again, children are being very creative with their learning. Thank you to all the adults at home for your support, we really appreciate it!


Term 1 -A typical day in Year 2

We start the day at 9.15. Often children are waiting with noses pressed to the windows, desperate for the doors to open! The children put their bags and coats away and then wash their hands. There is a quiet activity ready on the tables; often some mindful colouring to start our day off calmly. Then we do the register and Mile A Day. With our minds and bodies ready to learn, we start English followed by kinetic letters handwriting. We wash our hands again ready for snack and break time. After play it is time for Read, Write Inc Phonics and then Maths. We wash our hands again ready for lunch. After play we come in, wash our hands and do a calming breathing activity. We have a maths meeting (a quick recap on the morning’s maths topics to consolidate learning or address any misunderstandings) and then it is time for topic. At the end of the day, we have collective worship in our classroom, led by the collective worship ambassador for the week. Finally, we sit back and enjoy a class story. At the moment, we are enjoying stories by Roald Dahl. We wash our hands for a final time, get our bags and head out for home!

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Remote Learning Tuesday 12th January 

Literacy and History below 



To view documents clearly, please press 'download'. If you are having trouble downloading the lessons each day, we will include a much simplified version of the lesson here at the start. 

Year 2 Home Learning Tasks 

Please complete the English, Maths and Topic lesson each day 

Please spend 30- 45 minutes on each task or longer if you want to.  

New tasks will be uploaded to the website by 8.30 every morning  

You should also complete one task from each of the boxes in the ‘Non-negotiables’ section (every day). You can repeat these over the weeks. 

We also include regular exercise at school and we feel it is important your child continues this.  You may wish to think of your own five-minute routine that children could learn and complete.  We also include core-strength ‘holding positions’ to support handwriting; these can be found here:  

Go-Noodle and Cosmic Yoga can also support this.  

Our music learning site is Charanga:- (un: p694557, pw: yonder)  

Useful websites below to help with learning general resources resources a fantastic library of online books  times tables – see the front page of your red reading record for your pw.   times table sheets – phonics games and resources. un: march20 pw: home literacy, phonics and maths games  fun  maths practice games   Old Year 2 SATS papers Reading and Maths  



Kinetic Letters Practice daily. 

Spelling practise will also be put up weekly for Ms King’s, Miss Brady’s and Phase 5 groups. 

Weekly Maths Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day) 

Weekly Reading Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day) 

Weekly Spelling Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day) 

Work on Times Table Rock Stars 

Learn the 2s, 5s an 10s.  You could start learning the 3s too on paper. 


Play on -  focus on times tables and number bonds within 20. 


Begin answering questions in your book from an arithmetic test on  

What can you SEE on the front cover of your new book? Write sentences to explain what you think will happen in the book. 


Read your reading book or library book for 10 minutes (to yourself or aloud to someone else). 


Read your book for five minutes then write about what you have just read. 


Compose a list of facts you have found out from a non-fiction book. 


Describe one of the characters in your story book  what do they look like?  What is their personality like? 

Complete the Look Say Cover Write Check sheet for your weekly spellings. 


Practice reading and spelling your year two Common Exception Words (see inside your red reading record) 


Practise reading some alien words and real words on Phonics Play (Dragons Den, phase 5)  

un: march20 pw: home 


Practise various spelling skills from Phase 5 and Phase 6 phonics via ICT games:  



Some parents have also requested a time-table to work to.  The one below is purely a suggestion. On a one-to-one basis, you may find tasks take much more or less time than that suggested. 

9 am 











Body wake-up and move with a run or a Go noodle’ session 


English lesson 

break time 

Phonics game or spelling practice. 

Maths lesson 

Break for lunch and physical play activity of your choice. 

maths or phonics activity from non-negotiables 

Topic lesson 

break for the afternoon. 

Bedtime story or reading. 


We understand that this will be a challenging time for many, so please do your best, but don’t worry if your child has not understood.  Try repeating the task later or approaching it in a different way of your own choosing.  This is all un-known territory for us and we can only do what we can. 

Good luck, and please enjoy this time with your child. 

Miss King and Ms Brady. 

It's Friday,  3rd. April.  I hope you're ready for your spelling test!  We've made it to the end of the school  term and the Easter holidays start on Monday.   If we were still at school this would be the last day of term, and as such, this will be the last day of set work for two weeks.  If you need to keep busy, then why not work through some of the links on the 'non-negotiables' page?  Or create a fact book on a subject of  your choice.  Maybe you could keep a Closure Diary - write or draw in it every day as a record to keep. You could ask family member to write in it too.

After the holidays, work will be set via Tapestry, which means we will be able to look at your work and feed back more regularly.  We are really looking forward to this.  There will be more information about this from Mrs Griffin.

We miss you all and hope you have a lovely quiet Eater at home.  Don't eat too much chocolate!

Ms King and Miss Brady x

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Good morning!  It's Thursday April 2nd.  Did you watch the staff video? What a great job they did!  I wonder what clever things you've been up to at home.  Has anyone begun to learn something new yet?  Today I'm going to paint a new picture and I'll try to post it up here tomorrow.  

Simplified Maths today: Can I read scales in millilitres?  Look at measuring jugs, kettles, bottles etc in your home and practise reading in ml.  Play the next part of Capacity Countdown here : 

Simplified English: Today you will be writing your own alternative version of Jack and the Beanstalk. You can change one or two ideas in the story. Remember to include adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions in your writing . I have given you some ideas to get started on the PPT. Have fun writing your story and use your imagination. 

Simplified Topic: Can I observe flower and leaf buds?  Get outside and draw some different buds.  Notice how the flower or leaf is protected from the Winter weather by a tough outer petal (called a sepal).

Ms King and Miss Brady

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Welcome to April, everybody!  It's Wednesday, April 1st. 2020.  Watch out today - there might be some very tricky April Fools Day jokes around!  Don't forget to log in to TTrockstars and work on your spelling tests this week.

Simplified Maths today:  Can I read measures in litres and half litres?  Litres are large amounts of liquid. Study saucepans, bottles, jugs and kettles at home - can you find anything with a scale on it that measures in litres?  Practise reading scales on ICT Games Capacity Countdown here: 

Simplified English: Today we are planning ideas for our story writing tomorrow. Can you make changes to the original Jack and the Beanstalk story? You could record your ideas as a mind map, draw pictures and even act it out if you want to. Think about only changing one or two ideas in the story. What if Jack was a girl? What could be at the top of the beanstalk? Could Jack help the giant?    

Simplified Topic: RE 

To help with Miss Lawrence’s competition make your own Easter garden using things from around the garden or craft materials at home. As an extra challenge please draw/paint a picture of your garden and explain what each feature represents. Can you explain why Easter gardens are significant to Christians?

There are pictures on the PPT to help you with ideas.   

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Happy Tuesday Year 2!  It's the last day of March today.  Have you started your Easter Garden yet?  Well done to our Year 2 member who was the first person to send in their competition entry - you know if that was you!  Miss Lawrence was very excited to receive that first entry so quickly.

Here are your simplified sentences for today's lessons.  If you can, please download the full version for more information.

Simplified Maths: Order and compare capacity and volume: Draw 2 simple pots. Fill them up with different amounts by colouring them in. Use < or > or = inbetween them to compare them. Repeat three different times.

Simplified English: Write sentences about Jack or Jim and the Beanstalk using the conjunctions because, when and if.  Try to write at least 3 sentences for each conjunction. 

Simplified Topic: Draw a story map to recall the main parts of the Easter story. You can add labels and key words to your map.   

Have a lovely day!

Ms King and Miss Brady

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Good morning on Monday 30th March! It's the start of our second week of home school and I hope you're ready to go!  Did you remember to change the clocks yesterday?  Why does this happen?  If you're urious, take a look at the BBC Newsround website to find out more about why this happens.  If you read the information carefully, there's even a quiz to test your knowledge! 

Simplified Maths today: Can I compare and order capacities and volume? Compare amounts of water in various cups/pots etc.  Use the language 'more than, less than, half as much, twice as much, equal to, quarter full, half full, empty'. Order the pots from smallest capacity to greatest capacity. 

Simplified English today: Can I write sentences using the conjunctions 'but' and 'and' correctly. Thinking about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, write your own sentence, then tell me more by using 'but' or 'and'.

Simplified Topic today: Can I create a route from my house to school?  Draw your own map.  What to you pass on the way?  Which way do you turn?  

Ms King and Miss Brady


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Monday 30.03.20 Literacy and Topic 

Literacy seems to be on twice! It is the same PPT so no need to download both. 

 Geography 2 Planning a route.pptDownload
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Yay! We've made it to Friday!  What a lot of hard work some of you have been doing this week.  You should be very proud of yourself and say a big thank you to parents and carers for helping you out this week.

Today of course, like every Friday - it's spelling test day!  If you need another look at your words, scroll down to find the ones dates 20th March.  Watch out though, because we've also put your new spellings up too - they're dated 27th March.  You'll also find a new English/Literacy task and a new Maths task.  

If you need something to do at home this weekend, why not see what Bear Grylls (adventurer) and Steve Backshall (Deadly 60) suggest on the Scouts website: ?   I particularly like the look of the 'lolly stick catapult' (you might to eat some lollies first!).

Have a lovely weekend at home, everyone, and we'll be back for Home School on Monday!

Ms King and Miss Brady.


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Friday 27.03.20 Literacy 

Miss Brady's Phonics Group  

Thursday 26th March, 2020.

Good morning Ahlberg and Anholt.  I hope you're well at home and managing some of the work we have set you.  I wonder what else you've been up to to keep busy?  I noticed yesterday that in my street some people have been putting amazing rainbow pictures up in their windows for passers-by to see.  You could try this too.  If you are out on your once a day walk, how many can you see?

Another great idea I saw locally was 'shadow drawing'. Lay some paper in a sunny spot in your house. Line your toys up along the paper so that their shadows fall on the paper.  Then draw around the shadows and hey presto!  You've got a brilliant shape to colour in. Be quick to try it today while it is still nice and sunny!

Ms King and Miss Brady

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Thursday 26.03.20 Literacy 

Wednesday 25th March, 2020.

Good morning everyone at home.  How is everyone managing their work so far?  Remember, the work we put up here is for you to do when you can.  If you need to change the plans to fit in with your home life, then please do so.   Stick to a time table that suits you.  Don't forget to include some time on your own - it's very important to learn to play and work independently without a grown-up telling you how.

Have you been including some PE and exercise time?  We've been joining in with Joe Wicks in the mornings, but today we might try the dance along with Oti Mabuse - also on You Tube. It's good to move!

Ms King and Miss Brady.

(ps - we put up last week's spellings in case your paper copy has got lost in your bag!)

 maths 25.03.20 time3.docxDownload
 time 5min int to.pptDownload
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Wednesday 25.03.20  Literacy 

Tuesday 24th March, 2020.

Good morning, Anholt and Ahlberg!  I hope you enjoyed yesterday's home learning tasks.  We've got more for you today coming up below.  We're still trying to find the best way to use our website, so the Maths document is to download only - this might speed up the time it takes to load the page. There is also a powerpoint presentation. It toko a while to load and the links may not work, but it is still a useful tool.

I was talking to Fran yesterday who is now running her French lessons online.  She was thrilled to see some Year 2s tuning in.  It sounds as though the new video call technology worked well and lots of you enjoyed it. Keep up the good learning!

Ms King

Miss Brady's Spelling Group 

Spellings 20.03.20 

Ms King's spellings from Friday 20th March, 2020

 spellings HC 20.03.20 short vwl alt.docxDownload
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 maths 24.03.20 time2.docxDownload
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Tuesday Literacy 

Tuesday Topic Geography 

Monday 23.03.20  Literacy 

Literacy Jack and the Beanstalk story PDF 

Monday 23.03.20 Topic PSHE 

Monday 23.03.20 Topic PSHE resource sheet 

Monday 23.03.20 


Year 2, 2019-2020

Ahlberg and Anholt classes.

Welcome to our Year Group web pages.  On here we will post photographs and news of what the children have been doing.  You will also find the current term's home learning and topic/curriculum grids.

(These will also be sent home as a paper copy with the children and will be posted on here after our wow days.)

Useful Information:

Our PE slots are Monday and Wednesday.  

Spelling tests are conducted on Fridays with new spellings being handed out on that day. 

Remember to hand in spelling sheets for a star point; practising is more important than the test result at this age.  

Miss Brady and Ms King alternate the teaching of Maths, English and Phonics, as Year 2 work as a whole year group. 

Reading: please try to read with your child as often as possible. Three times in a week will earn them a star point as well as improving their reading skills. Please remind children that they can change their own reading books as soon as they need to. 

It is getting colder now and children are outdoors everyday; please remember to send them in with a suitable coat.  


Term 4   

Beanstalks and Baddies 


We had a great start to our new topic with our very green and a little bit messy wow day.

The children had fun becoming gardeners; they planted runner beans and made cress people.

We look forward to leaning more about plants and reading many fairy tales with pesky baddies in them.

A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist

A massive thank you to Mark Sargent and Border Archaeology for an impressive and fascinating afternoon learning all about the the job of an archaeologist.  Children found out lots about how archaeologists work and thoroughly enjoyed the practical investigative task and handling the wide selection of artifacts.  It certainly made us think about how historians and archaeologists find out about the past.

Bring a Man to School Day

We had great fun in Year 2 today, making bread and burning our junk modelling Tudor Houses.  Great living history for the children to experience.  Thank you to everyone who took part today.



Term 3

What a busy start to the New Year!  Thank you to parents for providing clothes for Forest School Outdoor Learning Sessions and for washing away the mud! (Anholt on Wednesday, Ahlberg on Thursdays).  Children are extending their knowledge of habitats and seasonal weather during these sessions and are rehearsing PE skills too.

The Great fire of London

Home learning has already begun to be brought in and the children very enthusiastic about their new topic. (see below for Home Learning details.)  During our Wow Day we made mock Tudor houses and we will be burning these in our very own Great Fire of Towcester!

Term 2 is well underway and it's full steam ahead with our new topic and our new Christmas performance!  (Thank you to parents for helping out with our unusual performance costume requests!).  We are looking forward to our performances.

Recently we had Learning Morning and it was lovely to see so many parents joining in with our activities and learning our mathematics methods for multiplication and division.  See below if you could not attend.


On A Starry Night....

Please see below subjects and learning goals for Term 2.

Term One below














Year 2 Anholt and Ahlberg

2018 - 2019


Everdon 2019 


Term 6

Deeper and Deeper 











Term 5 

The Carnival of the Animals 







Term 4

In term 4, children began their Forest School sessions.  They have been learning how to keep themselves and others safe whilst they are playing and exploring in the natural world.  They have been learning how to use tools and have been naming plants and animals in the local area as part of our science curriculum.

What a great team they are during these sessions!



Dogs Trust Visit 

Term 3 2019

The Great Fire of London 


We started the new year with our exciting Great Fire of London wow day.

The children learnt to sing London's Burning and made their own model Tudor buildings.  

Attached below is our new Curriculum Overview and the new Home Learning.  Please take the opportunity to enjoy the home learning with your child.





Term 2 2018

On a Starry Night 


This term started with a blast and the children enjoyed our space themed wow day.

We made craft rockets, firework pictures and even set off our own popping rockets. 

Attached below is our new Curriculum Overview and the new Home Learning.  Please take the opportunity to enjoy the home learning with your child.



Term One 2018

Children have come back full of energy and enthusiasm for the new school year.

Our Pirate wow day is always exciting and enjoyable and costumes are fantastic!  Well done all.

Attached below is our new Curriculum Overview and the new Home Learning.  Please take the opportunity to enjoy the home learning with your child.






Deeper and Deeper ......

In our final term in Year Two, we will be continuing on from Carnival of the animals, but diving deeper into habitats - oceans, seas and ponds. Children will be finding out about food chains and healthy human bodies too.  Also this term, we will be having our annual residential trip to Everdon and a fun outdoors mini-topic for those who don't attend.  It's a busy term, with lots going on besides!


What a fabulous trip we had to the zoo this week!

The weather was perfect, the coach was prompt, the animals were obligingly on display and the children were amazing!

We also thoroughly enjoyed our Royal Wedding picnic lunch - thank you to our kitchen staff for organising that for us!

We found out just how hot it can be in a rainforest in the butterfly house; we realised that most of the animals there are rainforest animals and they are endangered as their habitats are suffering from deforestation; we found out just how quickly gibbons can swing through the jungle and just how slowly giant tortoises move!

Here are some of the children's photos:

                                                                KS1 Sports Festival 


The children had an exciting and energetic time at the KS1 Sports Festival.

Well done everyone!



Term 5 

The Carnival of the Animals

Our new topic this term is The Carnival of the Animals. 

The children will be learning about animals around the worlds and habitats.

We had a messy and creative wow day making animals from salt dough and making habitats outside. 

As it was Bring a Man to School Day we also had lots of helpers. 




Term 4 

Green and Growing 

Our new topic this term is Green and Growing!

The children will be learning about how plants grow, the environment and how to keep our world green.

As part of our wow day we made cress people, created artwork using printing and learnt lots of recycling songs. The children really enjoyed playing instruments, very loudly, to the songs they learnt.     




Term 3

Hot and cold!

Children in anholt class made the most of the cold weather in the final week this term by making ice hangers.  They filled shallow dishes with water, collage materials and dipped string in, then left the dished out overnight to freeze.  the next morning they were delighted to find their decorated dishes had frozen.  they decorated the playground with their temporary creations.

.Term 3 has ended dramatically with our Great Fire of Towcester!

Children watched on as their carefully crafted Tudor houses went up in smoke.

The exercise was carried out to support three subject areas: 

  • actually watching the fire and how quicly it spread and was affected by the wind brought history to life.
  • the experience generated an amazing stimulus and vecabulary development for our end of term poems
  • we conducted a science investigation at the same time - finding out what would happen to different materials placed inside the fire houses.

Term 3                  Wow Day

The Great Fire of London

Term 3 has started and we are blazing ahead with our exciting new topic, The Great Fire of London.


The children enjoyed a fun filled day of making Tudor houses, baking soda bread and learning to sing London’s Burning.





Term 2 got off to a cracking start with our Starry Night wow day!

Children have already been very busy learning and practising report-writing, multiplication, undertaking Forest School activities and learning their Christmas performance songs!

Year 2 children have also made a good start on achieving certificates for times-tables and spelling bees.  Keep up the good work!

What a busy start!

Don't forget to send children in with warm socks and jumpers on Forest School days. 

Year 2         2016-17        

Anholt and Ahlberg 

Pond Dipping, slime, Motor Museum and DT on the bus from June and July 2017

Welcome to our Year 2 website page for Anholt and Ahlberg classes. 

The page will be updated with photographs and news each term.

Useful information: 

  • PE days are Tuesday and Thursday for Anholt and Tuesday and Wednesday for Ahlberg, but it is a good idea for children to have PE kits in school all the time, including trainers for outdoor use. 
  • Challenge Cards - challenge cards are kept in the classrooms, when children finish a set of cards they should show an adult in the team. Remember when you have completed 5 cards you will be rewarded a gold star!
  • It is very important to read at home as much as you can. Please sign in the red reading record when you have read at home, this can include library books, magazines, web pages ... Remember if you read at home 3 times in a week you will be rewarded with a gold star!
  • Spelling homework is set on a Friday in phonics groups. Children copy out the words on their sheet and return the sheet the following Friday. Remember every time you return a sheet you will be awarded a gold star!  

Miss White and Ms King


End of KS1 Expectations

Click on the link below to find the expectations for the end of Year 2. 


Tuesday 20th June - Our Trip to the British Motor Museum

We had a fantastic day at the British Motor Museum. The children enjoyed looking at the changes in transport over the years. We also took part in an investigation to test what features a car needs to travel the furthest. It was great to see all the Land Rovers and the cars used in films!   

Home Learning and Big Picture for Term 6 

Terrific Transport! 

Terrific Transport Wow Day - Thursday 8th June

We started our new topic today! We planned, designed and made cars to take part in Wacky Races! We had a great day and really enjoyed racing our cars at the end of the day! We are looking forward to learning more about cars this term

Science Investigation Morning 

23rd May 

As part of science investigation morning we explored changing materials. Our challenge was to make slime! We had to think of a question to test, explore what makes 'good' slime and then test the slime we made! We had a great day!

Key Stage One Sports Festival

 Year 2 children walked up to Sponne School's sports field today and took part in this annual event. The pupils at Sponne organised the children and the event brilliantly.  Children had a wonderful time and worked hard at their many different sporting events.  So hard in fact that both our teams got good results and one team won!  This is the second year in a row that Towcester Primary School has won the event.

Well done to all children!

Term 5 - Carnival of the Animals 

It's hard to believe we have started term 5 already! We will be busy exploring animals and habitats in our new topic. 

Please see below for the Home Learning grid and Topic overview. 


Easter in Year 2

Although Holy Week doesn't occur until the second week of the holidays, we have been preparing for Easter in class.  Children in Year 2 have been finding out about some of the less well-known events of the Easter story.  They have found out about some of the ways that these impact upon the lives of Christians.

Children have also made their annual Easter Gardens, some of which will be seeded and maintained. Children have also entered the Zap n'Toes Easter egg colouring competition, have tasted Hot Cross Buns and have rehearsed some fabulous singing for our Easter Church Service.

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 

Arts Week - 20th February 

All week we focused on developing our art skills and focused on the topic 'up close'. We sketched in detail focusing on one part of an animal using a view finder. Then we copied an 'up close' image for our final piece and used mosaic tiles to add colour and texture. 

Term 4 - Topic Overview and Home Learning

A pocket full of Posies - Wow Day 


This term, we will continue to study the ‘Great Fire of London’ with a new focus on the Plague and what should happen in a bakery shop!

Our new topic is named ‘A pocket full of poises..’ and to start the term we visited the bakers in Tesco to learn how bread is made. We also tasted lots of different types of bread. The cheese bread was our favourite, although some adults preferred the olive bread!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Diane and Charlotte who work in Tescos for making us feel so welcome

February - Bring a Man to School Day 

We worked with our Dads, Grandads and Uncles to make our Tudor Houses on Bring a Man to School Day! We had a great morning building the houses and using the Tudor style to decorate them. 

Science Investigation Morning

Can we create differently shaped bubbles?

Children made their own shaped bubble wands (some with a little help!) and investigated what shaped bubbles they each made.

We found out that ......... that would be telling!


Music in Year 2 

This term we are 'music mapping'! We are creating and combining sounds to tell the story of The Great Fire of London. 

Term 3 - Fire and Fleas!

This term Year 2 are learning about The Great Fire of London. We will be busy writing newspaper reports about the fire, learning about Samuel Pepys, making and burning our own houses and exploring the British Isles. 

Please have a look at the topic overview and the Home Learning to support our work in class. 

Miss White and Ms King 

SNOW - it didn't last for long, but we did get the chance to enjoy it while it was there!

Forest School

Year 2 are undertaking Forest School this term.  Anholt will have three sessions and will then swap with Ahlberg.

This term, children will begin to learn how to use tools safely, they will work as part of a team to construct rain shelters and obstacle courses and they will learn how to tie knots and lash sticks together to make useful items.

Anholt have begun their sessions with typical Forest School weather - wet, windy and muddy!  However, as you can see from the photos, this didn't stop us having fun! 

Please send children in with two pairs of socks for their sessions.  also useful are warm jumpers and old clothes to wear under the school's outdoor clothing.  We can't guarantee mud-free children this term!



Online Safety Week - Week Beginning 14.11.16

During Online Safety Week we have been thinking about how to use the internet safely. We created a list of rules in our English lessons and typed these up using Word in our computing lessons. We had to use different types of sentences too. 


On a Starry Night - Wow Day 

3rd November 

As part of our Wow Day we created firework pictures using the computers, created firework sounds using musical instruments, made Firework night images and explored how to stay safe on Fireworks night. 

Topic Overview - Term 2 

Home Learning - Term 2 

On a Starry Night......


This term the children will studying, among other things, the Moon landing of 1969 and Neil Armstrong; they will also be learning about Van Gogh and his Starry Night painting; we will be thinking about how to use diferent and create different textures to make an imaginary planet's surface. Along with all this of course, our Christmas play rehearsals will be taking place.

It's a busy term ahead!

Pirate Mini-golf 

On Tuesday 18th October we had a celebration to end our fantastic Pirate topic! As part of the celebration we made pirate ships, created 'Pirate Wanted' posters and worked around the Pirate Mini-golf course. We loved the scenery and atmosphere of the course.  


Week Beginning - 03.10.16

Multicultural Week 

During multicultural week we visited All Saints Church in Northampton. We learnt about the history of the church and the use of the different parts. We were amazed by the state bench which belongs to the queen and enjoyed singing with the organ. 


After visiting the church we studied and designed our own stained glass windows. We designed the windows to represent the story of Daniel in the Lions Den which we had learnt in our English lessons. 


We have enjoyed the week and produced some high quality work to display in the school and our classroom. 

27th September 

We were sent a clue from some fierce pirates! We followed the clues and found their map. Finally, we used the map to steal their treasure! We then made a map of our hunt and used this to write a diary about the hunt. 

Well, we are well underway with our learning this term.  Children have found out lots of facts about life on board ship and about famous pirates such as Blackbeard and Anne Bonney.  They have also been learning about the huge impact that the explorer Christopher Columbus had on the Old World.  Still to come in our topic are Geography and also Design and Technology, where we will be working with waterproof materials and thinking about how to stabilise a tall mast.

Lots of children have been bringing in home learning already.  

Below is a copy if you need another view. 

Challenge Books have been handed out - don't forget to ask your teacher for a star when you have completed 5 challenges!

Wow Day for our new topic: 'Pirates!'

The children and staff had a fabulous time dressing up for our pirate themed activities: we made pirate hats, learned some pirate facts for a quiz, helped to paint a class pirate ship and even went on a treasure hunt.  Pictures below.

Home Learning and Big Picture are in your Home Learning Books.

September 2016

We will be having a Wow Day for our first topic on Friday 9th September. Please come to school in a pirate outfit! 

We look forward to seeing all of your fantastic costumes! 

Miss White, Ms King, Mrs Baker and Mrs Coleman 

Pond Dipping - Tuesday 12th July 

On Tuesday all the children in Year 2 went pond dipping. We also explored the trees and wildlife living in our local area.

We loved looking at the different creatures we had found!  

Whole School Trip to Wicksteed Park - July 2016

Friday 1st July - Sports Day

We all had a brilliant day taking part in Sports Day. We had our races in the morning and took part in athletic activities during the afternoon. 

KS1 Festival

Woo-hoo!  We all took part in the Key Stage One Sports Festival organised by the staff and students of the PE department at Sponne Secondary School. And....

We won!

The weather was kind to us and didn't rain.  Neither was it too sunny.  The children all took part in lots of different games and activities and scored points for each one.

The day was a success and was enjoyed by all!

Term 6 - Olympic Dreams

Let's prepare for Rio 2016!

See below for home learning and Big Picture sheets.

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Wednesday 25th May - Raptorexotics

Today Dave from Raptorexotics visited us in school. He showed us two birds of prey - an eagle owl and a harris hawk.

Then we looked at a lizard and a slow worm and we stroked these animals and talked about their habitats and adaptations.

He also showed us a snake, hedgehog and a scorpian.

We loved seeing and stroking the animals. We learnt so much about the different animals.

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Maths Investigation Morning - 17th May

During Maths Investigation morning we explored the relationship between 1s, 10s and 100.

We had to collect 1 of something, then ten and then we tried to collect 10 lots of 10 - this was tricky! We had to think about different methods to do this.

Music - Carnival of the Animal

by Ahlberg Class

May 2016

In music this term we have been planning, composing and performing a piece of music to represent the movement of one of the animals from 'Carnival of the Animals'.

The piece of music had to have a beginning, middle and end.

Can you guess which animal we are representing in each piece?

Week Beginning 11th April - Independent Thinker's Week

This week we were challenged to make a guide to the school for a new pupil. We produced maps, reports and video clips. Please see some of the clips from Ahlberg class below.

Term 5 - Carnival of the Animals

Week Beginning - 21st March

This week is Holy Week and we have been learning to retell and write the Easter Story. We have learnt about Palm Sunday, The Last Supper, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We have produced some amazing writing.

Also, we have created Easter Gardens to reflect the events in the Easter Story. We made our gardens in the school grounds. Please visit them and have a look.

Monday 7th March - Maths

This week we are focuding on using different methods to multiply numbers. We are learning to use Numicon, arrays and number lines to help us multiply number together.

This is a very important skill and somethind we will need to know for the future.

Book Week - Week Beginning 29th February

World Book Day - 03.03.16

As part of Book Week, we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. The children in Year 2 enjoyed visiting the library as part of the day.

Our Big Yellow Bus also became the Book Bus for the day.  The children found cushion, throws, fairy lights and other decorations as well as lots of lovely new books to look at.  

Oh - and some hats to wear!

Wow Day - Patterns, Plants and Paint!

On Wednesday 24th February all the children took part in different Wow Day activities. We made fruit salad, we planted different seeds, photographed signs of spring and made our own printed wallpaper.

All the children really enjoyed day, especially eating the fruit salad.

Spring Term 2

Well, it's still cold and frosty or wet and windy outside, but indoors our seeds are beginning to grow and we are enjoying more sunshine and longer evenings already!  Is your child making the most of the extra light and keeping fit by playing outdoors more?  One of our new home learning projects encourages this and as the home learning extends over the holiday, children have plenty of time to try a new hobby or sport too.

See below for our curriculum map and home learning sheet.

The Great Towcester Fire of London!

Our Year 2s had an unusual Design and Technology topic this term - to make a Tudor-style house suitable for burning!

Cardboard boxes were used, with flammable coverings and decorations; windows and doors were cut and the houses were filled with waste paper.

We then set fire to our 'town' and used the burning as inspiration for some superb writing.

Shrove Tuesday - 9th February

On Tuesday 9th February the children in Year 2 learnt about Shrove Tuesday. We talked about what the day means and why we eat pancakes on this day. The children then used their measuring skills to measure out the ingredients to make pancakes. Of course, we enjoyed the meauring but eating the pancakes was the best bit!

Towcester Library

Both classes have visited the library this term.  Thanks to Phil and other staff who read us stories and challenged us with questions about the Great Fire of London.  The children did a great rendition of 'London's Burning' in parts and we also ad-libbed sound effects to Paul Perro's poem.  Of course, most children also chose a new library book or two.

Please remember to return your library books to the town library within three weeks of your child's visit.

Spring Term 1

Although this is a cold, dark term, the children in year 2 are thinking warm  as they learn about the Great Fire of London.  See below for our Home Learning and Big Picture sheets.


Some photos from the Christmas term......

(Father Christmas visited.  Getting to know our Forest School bard.  Weird planets!  New computing equipment.  Maths investigations with Smarties.   104 runner bean seeds found on our surviving 5 plants from last year! We will grow them in the Spring)

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Carol Singing at Tescos - Tuesday 15th December

We had a great time singing our Nativity Party Songs at Tesco in Towcester. A big thank you to everyone at Tescos for our hot chocolate and treats and thank you to everyone who came to watch us.

Forest School Fun

In Year 2 we have started our Forest School sessions on Thursday afternoons.

Anholt class had their first session on the 12th November and Ahlberg class had theirs on the 19th November.

A great time was had by all! The children had to hunt for the leaves from different trees and we worked together to make a giant bonfire picture.

Remember Forest School will continue this term every Thursday.


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November 2015 - It was on a starry night...

Topic overview


Home Learning

Term 2 - Space and Starry Nights


Here are some photos from our Wow day. Children made posters for firework and bonfire safety, they created bonfire handprint pictures, they used a range of percussion instruments to create sound effects to tell a story set in space and they created firework pictures using the Tux drawing programme.







Term 1 - Pirates! 

Please see below for our topic overview and first home-learning project!

    Year 2       2015-16        Anholt and Ahlberg  

Wow Day - 9.9.15

All the children in year 2 dressed as pirates for their Wow Day. The children looked like very scary pirates!

During the day, children searched for treasure, painted a pirate ship and made pirate hats.


The Big Read - 25.9.15


The Big Read has started in KS1 on Friday mornings. The children love having the opportunity to share books with friends and teachers. Remember your book or magazine every Friday.


Miss White and Ms King

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Wow Day

As part of our wow day we created paintings using leaves we collected outside. 





Dance Festival 


Ahlberg learnt and performed their fantastic version of

"The Bare Necessities" 

The children performed beautifully with smiles on their faces.

We are all very proud of them as they represented of school wonderfully with their energetic and captivating performances.    


Spring Term 2 

This term our topic is "Carnival of Animals" 



Whipsnade Zoo Visit  


As part of our new topic the children visited Whipsnade Zoo. We had a fantastic day looking at lots of different animals and also sketching animal patterns.