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Year 1       2020-21

Welcome to Year 1!

Let's introduce the classes and staff...

Donaldson = Miss Brady, supported by Miss Smith.

Whybrow= Mrs Bonham (Mon-Weds), Mrs Dowdeswell (Thur-Fri), supported by Miss Bushell.

Outside p.e only.

This is on Wednesdays

Term 3 in Year 1


Well what a strange term it has been! Things have been very different but children and parents have been working extremely hard in school and at home. We are all very proud of their efforts and achievements. 


This term we have been very busy learning about traditional tales in literacy, number and place value in maths and our bodies in science. We have also had fun learning about and exploring toys from the past and Queen Victoria.


We have all enjoyed our live lessons and it has been great to see the children joining in and answering questions. It has also been lovely to see their smiley faces each morning.

Well done for working hard this term you all deserve a big pat on the back and a thumbs up from us.

Miss Brady, Mrs Bonham and Mrs Dowdeswell. 



Literacy 13.01.21

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Term 1 -Welcome to Year 1!

The children have made a great start to the year coming back into school with such enthusiasm.

This term our topic is What a Wonderful World! We have been exploring the world around us, focusing on the seasons and the UK. To help the children transition from Foundation Stage, we have continued to develop our learning through continuous provision. This allows the children the freedom to explore topics and learn independently, enabling them to develop and consolidate their learning.


A Day in Year 1

Well, it is never a quiet day in Year 1 with all the enthusiastic learning that happens!  However, sometimes it can be a little worrying coming into school. Understanding what happens throughout the day can help to lessen any worries. 

We always have a very busy day!

In the mornings we have Early work, Class assembly, Phonics, Mile a Day, Kinetic Letters and then Snack and Break. (Please only send you child in with one snack that they can eat in 5 minutes. This can be a slice of bread, small sandwich, cracker, or a piece of fruit). 

After break we have Maths and English. Then, finally, it is lunch time!

In the afternoon we have a 20-minute whole class teaching session of a specific subject. Then we begin our Job Time (Continuous Provision), where the children can explore a variety of subjects and activities.

We always end the day with circle time, to discuss our independent learning, or share any worries or exciting news.  We then finish with story. There are always opportunities throughout the day to develop and consider well-being. We are currently using a new programme called ‘Breath’ which helps the children to develop breathing, coping and relaxation strategies. Your child should be able to show you our Triangle and Belly Breath.  



We are very excited to be teaching Phonics through Read, Write, Inc. The children have been learning to use ‘Fred Talk’ to sound out and blend words and ‘Fred Fingers’ to spell. I imagine you have already heard about Fred our friendly frog! Hopefully the children can show you how we use Fred to help read and spell.

This scheme teaches daily sounds, which are then reinforced through the children’s home reading books. The children will be sent home a paper book each week, which matches the book they are reading in their group. The book should be read by the child at least three times. The first for decoding (reading the words), the second for fluency (reading at speed) and lastly for comprehension (which is included in key questions to answer in the book).

At the moment, have not been sending reading books home, as the children need to reach a certain stage on the programme. However, if you would like to support your child with reading at home you can find out which sounds they are learning through Tapestry. This will be updated every two weeks.


Kinetic Letters

Our handwriting programme focuses on using Kinetic actions and movements to teach letter formation. We work on securing each child’s pencil grip and core muscle strength, alongside letter and number formation. The children learn actions linked to two characters called ‘Brave Monkey’ (Bounce) and ‘Scared Monkey’ (Skip), who help them remember where to begin letters and how to correctly form them. If you would like to support your child with their handwriting there are videos on Tapestry showing how to form the letters.


We look forward to an exciting year ahead and supporting the children to learn and grow.

Yeart 1 2019-2020

Welcome to Whybrow and Donaldson!

The adults who work with each class are as follows:

Whybrow: Mrs Bonham (Teacher, mornings only)

Mrs Meddings (full time - TA in the mornings and HLTA in the afternoons)

Miss Bushell (TA in the afternoons)

Donaldson: Mrs Daniels (full time teacher)

Mrs Baker (full time TA)

We hope your children have a fantastic time this year and we will regularly be posting photographs of our learning journey on this page. So, keep checking in to see what we're up to!

Days to remember are: P.E is outside on a Monday and Inside on a Tuesday. Please ensure your children have the appropriate clothes in their PE bags.

Library Books are changed every other Tuesday. (This started on Tuesday 10th September).  

Aliens and Astronauts!

Look what appeared in the Year 1 area during the Half Term break.

...and that's not all!! Look below.

We have been having fun decoding Alien language, going on an alien treasure hunt and finding Alien chocolate.  

Magic Beans! It is so lovely to hear that so many of the "magic beans" the children planted on their wow day have now grown into beanstalks! 

Addition and Subtraction to 20! Year 1 are just completing this learning journey. They have worked extremely hard and we are very pleased to see so many children achieving their target in their "Hot Maths" assessment. 

Once upon a time...

Last week Year 1 had their Term 3 Wow Day. We had a lovely day and the children looked fantastic! The children enjoyed a variety of activities based on traditional tales. They made masks, planted magic beans and created houses from all different materials. 

Carnival of Colours!

Library Visit! Over the last two weeks Whybrow and Donaldson have visited the local library. The children loved listening to a story and talking about Christmas with the librarians.


Literacy Learning Journey- Shape Poems

We have been learning about 2-d and 3-d shapes.

On our Wow day we painted with cotton buds and pipettes. We practiced our letter formation and pencil control buy using squidgy bags and colouring in Guy Fawkes pictures. We also worked together to create some class collages. 

We also did some firework dances!!

Term 1 - You and me!

This is the learning journey that Year 1 have been working through in Maths: Place Value. Any counting games/rhymes/songs you can share with your child helps them on this journey!

The challenge:

Can your child retell the story Whatever Next!?

Below is the story map we created to help us.

Term 1 Wow Day- You and Me!

We had a busy Wow day starting off in Church for our first service for the new year. Back in class, the children created fantastic face collages! After lunch, they designed and ate a fruit salad. The children were able to talk about how they used their senses to enjoy the fruit salad and why eating fruit keeps us healthy.  

Year 1 2018-19

Welcome to Whybrow and Donaldson Class with the teachers, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Daniels; and the Teaching Assistants, Mrs Fisher and Mrs Baker.

Term 6 A is for Apple...

We had a lovely wow day starting with an alphabet themed scavenger hunt, then a trip to the library. In the afternoon, the children created some fabulous alphabet collages.

Term 5- Buckets and Spades

This term we will be learning all about the seaside. We started our topic with a wonderful WOW day! The children enjoyed a carousel of activities including sun safety, a beach-themed yoga session and postcard writing. In the afternoon we were very lucky to watch a traditional Punch and Judy show, then ended the day with an ice-cream treat!

Our Skittle Experiment

We've been carrying out different investigations in our Science lessons this term. We really enjoyed finding out what would happen to skittles when water was dripped over them.

Bring A Man To School Day

This was a great morning. The children had a lovely time building their Superhero cars with the grown ups. Thank you for all your help.

World Book Day

We had great fun dressing up as our favourite characters and sharing our books.


Term 4

Our topic this term is 'My Hero'.

For our WOW day we dressed up as our ‘hero’. This could  have been a superhero or someone we admire like a relative or someone in the local community. We were really excited because we made gingerbread heroes. We tasted the gingerbread hero first and then we thought about how we could improve it. We had the choice of adding an extra ingredient or taking an ingredient away. 

Our Curriculum Overview and Home Learning for term 4.

Sharing our games

As Harvest approaches, Year 1 have decided to think about being generous and sharing. The children brought a game into school to share with their friend. We think that sharing is caring.

Towcester library 

Year 1 had a trip to the library. We listened to stories and had fun looking at all the different books.

Gold Star Challenges

The children have had an amazing start to Year 1 with their independent learning during Gold Star Challenges. There has been lots of learning going on including; reading year 1 common exception words, activities to help develop the children's fine motor skills, counting jobs, ICT skills, writing and much more.  


Our topic this term is “Go Wild!”. We will be thinking about different animals, their habitats and where in the world they come from.

We went pond dipping and bug sweeping. We found lots of water snails in the pond and spiders in the bushes. The children had lots of fun!

In the afternoon we became creative and made some beautiful symmetrical butterflies which are now displayed in our classrooms. It was a fantastic WOW day to start our topic. 

Our Curriculum Overview and Home Learning for term 1.

Year 1 2017 -2018

Welcome to Whybrow and Donaldson Class with the teachers, Mrs Clarke, Miss Tillen; and the Teaching Assistants, Mrs Judkins, Mrs Harry, Mrs Smith and Miss Bushell.

Term 6

Our final topic is...A is for Apple! On WOW day we visited the Library and came into school dressed as a person/object from any letter of the alphabet. We also had an alphabet hunt and created an alphabet collage. We had lots of fun!

We went to Tesco for lessons about fruit and veg and where it comes from. We also got to make pizzas, eat fruit kebabs, try some food we had never eaten before and we went into walk in the fridge and freezer! It was very cold!


Whole School Trip

We went to the Black Country Living Museum in Birmingham with the whole school. We had fun exploring the museum and learning all about the Black Country. It was a fantastic day!

Term 5 

Our topic this term is 'Buckets and Spades'

This term we had a WOW afternoon and a WOW morning. In our WOW afternoon we had a very special visitor. We really enjoyed his visit and we couldn't stop laughing! In our WOW morning, we made sandwiches to take on a picnic to the seaside, we learnt how to stay safe in the sun by learning a song, we made our own postcards and we also did some seaside crafts. Here are some photos:


Bring a Man to School Morning

We had a great morning with our grown ups. We designed and made superhero cars using different materials. We enjoyed reading with our reading buddies and we even took our grown ups with us on our 'mile a day'!

Term 4

Our topic this term is 'My Hero'.

For our WOW day we dressed up as our ‘hero’. This could  have been a superhero or someone we admire like a relative or someone in the local community. We were really excited because we made gingerbread heroes. We tasted the gingerbread hero first and then we thought about how we could improve it. We had the choice of adding an extra ingredient or taking an ingredient away. Most of the children decided to add chocolate chips!

We celebrated Word Book Day for a whole week!

We loved World Book Week! We designed front covers for our favourite books. We made book marks. But the best bit was dressing up!


We have been tidying up our allotment patch and have planted some vegetable seeds. We are excited to watch them grow!

Our visit to the Church

Reverend Ben spoke to us about the different features we could find in the Church. He told us about the altar, pulpit, lectern, organ, font, stained glass windows and the cross. We then looked around the Church to see if we could find these features.

Easter Nests

As part of our Easter celebrations, we made some chocolate Easter nests. We learnt about melting and how chocolate can turn from a solid to a liquid. We then also observed that the chocolate can turn back into a solid again when it cools down! We had lots of fun making our nests - they were very yummy too!


Easter Gardens

We also learnt about the Easter story and why we celebrate Easter. We created Easter gardens in groups and included key features of the Easter story. 

Enter text...

Wow Day - Once upon a time ...

the Year 1 children went to Salcey Forest. They followed a path and walked and walked and walked along it until they came to a wobbly bridge! They planted a seed at the bottom of the bridge. It wasn't just any seed, it was a beanstalk seed. With a little water, the beanstalk grew higher and higher and as the children climbed up, they could see the beanstalk getting bigger. The children climbed so high, they nearly reached the clouds! They could see for miles!

After a while they bounced joyfully back down. Then they saw some mud. They couldn't got over it. They couldn't go under it. They had to go through it! (Michael Rosen) Once through the mud they walked on further down the Elephant Trail and found some little houses. Here they built a house for a little pig and for Hansel and Gretel. 

Finally, after a fun and eventful (and muddy!) morning, they jumped on the mini-bus and went back to school!


Our colourful experiment!! 

Year 1 WOW day!

This term our topic is called 'Carnival of Colours!'. Some of the things we will be thinking about are different celebrations that happen around the world and the wide range of colours, foods and activities that happen during each celebration. 

During WOW day, we had a special visitor that came in and taught us about Diwali. We even got to make some of the different foods that are eaten during this celebration. We also made Diwali lamps, acted out the Diwali story, made some colourful firework art and created a firework dance. 



We went to church for a special Harvest Experience. We learnt about 5 different ways to Harvest and the value each one demonstrates.

Harvest of the Garden – Patience

Harvest of the Ocean – Peace

Harvest of the Flock – Humility

Harvest of the Grain – Generosity

Harvest of the Earth – Joy

We then came together to talk about Harvest Thanksgiving and how grateful we are for the food that we have and how food is shared around the community during harvest.


In Year One, Reverend Paula came in to speak to us about her favourite book – the Bible. We learnt that is is a collection of 66 different books. She likes it because it is about God and it always has something new to teach her. 


We took part in a 'Memory Walk' with our grandparents on Thursday 21st September. We were walking to raise money for the Alzheimer's charity and we walked around towcester with our grandparents for 45 minutes!  We had a lovely morning walking and talking to our grandparents about all of our memories.  



Year one have visited Towcester library! We learnt how to search for books in a catalogue, find them on the shelves and explore the library. We even got to read some books about our topic, 'Go Wild'.

Home Learning grid and Curriculum Overview for our topic 'Go Wild!'

Year 1 WOW day

This term our topic is called 'Go Wild!'. We will be thinking about different animals, their habitats and where in the world they come from.

Year 1 have had a great start to the year. This week we have learnt how to complete Year 1 Gold Star Challenges, we have been to Church, we have met our new Reading Buddies, we have been getting used to doing our 'Mile a Day' again and we even found a hedgehog!