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All of the children in Years 1 to 6 choose a course they want to attend. 

These courses are run by teachers, teaching assistants and valuable volunteers from the community.

There is a Graduation Ceremony for the completion of these courses which usually takes place on the last Friday of the term. All children receive a certificate and have the opportunity to share some of their work or experiences. All are welcome to attend.


University Spring 2020

Courses on offer this Spring term are:

School Council and Friends with Miss Thomas

Anything and Everything with Mrs lewis and Mrs Bushell

Card Games with Mr Skears

Woodwork with Mr Godwin

Sports Crew Plus with Miss Mozdzynski

Recorders with Mrs Williams

Cross Sticth with Mrs Meddings

Art! with Mrs Tagg

Stop Motion Animation with Miss Letts

Musical group with Mrs Fisher

Muddy Club wth Miss King

Library with Miss Brady

Yoga with Mrs Daniels

Graduation will be on Friday 13th March 2020


University - November 2019 

WOW! What a diverse selection of university courses we had on offer during the Autumn term!  It was great to be part of the Graduation Ceremony on Friday  29th November and see all of the skills that the children had learnt. The Young Voices sounded angelic and the woodwork group had done an amazing job. 

Thank you to all of our staff and our volunteers for the time you put into leading your course.


Autumn Term University Courses on Offer ... 

 Young Voices
 Musical Group 
Jigsaw Making 
Arts and Crafts 
Muddy Club 
 Nature and Environment 
Sports Crew and Friends 
Card Games 
Young Medics 
Art Group 
School Council and Friends 

University Graduation - November 2018 

To complete our Autumn Term University, the children graduated from their course in our traditional Graduation Ceremony. The Young Voices group sang one of the songs they are learning for their concert in January.  Our KS2 Art Group shared their masterpieces and explained how they created them. The Craft and Wood group explained how to create different items and our Yoga group shared their Yoga poses with us. 

All the groups shared their work from the Autumn term and all the children were really proud of their achievements. 

University Autumn 2018

This term, with the help of some new volunteers, we offered a vast range of

extra-curricular 'courses'.

The range offered this term is:


KS1 Singing



Muddy Club

Performance Poetry

The World of Disney

You've got a Friend in Me

Around the World

Key Stage 2 Art

First Aid

Sports Crew

Young Voices

Craft and Wood

House University - Summer 2018 

Every year, the children work in 'Houses' on a project in the Summer term. This is the first time Foundation Stage children attend University. The children from FS to Year 6 work together every Friday afternoon. 

This year children have considered what different Christian qualities and beliefs look like in our school and have produced a large piece of art work to depict this. 

Houses made 'Giving Butterflies' and we've now got a 'Friendship tree' in our KS2 playground. 

The children studied these Christian Values: 

Blue House - Community 

Yellow House - Friendship 

Green House - Giving 

White House - Belief 

Red House - Opportunities

Houses presented their learning and art work in the Final Graduation of the year ... Take a look at our amazing work ...


Spring Term University and Graduation- March 2018 

What a busy term it has been! On Friday 9th March, we celebrated the end of our University Courses for the Spring Term. The children from Year One to Year Six were enrolled on one of our fifteen courses which included... 

Chinese Club


Funky Fingers

Library Club


Let's Get Cooking

Our World 

Eco Club Activities



KS2 Art Project 

Sock Doll Sewing

KS1 Singing 

KS1 Board Games

KS2 Board Games 

As part of our Graduation, groups shared their learning and wowed the audience with their new skills. The Chinese Group shared their Chinese New Year celebrations, the archery groups taught us how to play 'Arrows Archery', our netball team showed us how to move around the court and the KS! singing group impressed us with a live performance from 'The Greatest Showman'.  

University Graduation - November 2017 

To complete our Autumn Term University, the children graduated from their course in our traditional Graduation Ceremony. Our KS1 singing group shared a beautiful rendition of the 'True Colours' song and the Young Voices group sang one of the songs they are learning for their concert in January.  Our KS1 and KS2 Art Groups shared their masterpieces and explained how they created them. The Minecraft Group explained how to create different items in Minecraft and our Yoga group shared their Yoga poses with us. The Let's Get Cooking group told us about the new foods they had cooked with and enjoyed eating!

All the groups shared their work from the Autumn term and all the children were proud of their achievements.  

University Programme - Autumn 2017

Our Autumn Term University courses have started. Each Friday afternoon, our pupils in years 1 to 6 mix up and enhance their weekly learning with an extra-curricular 'course'.

The range offered this term are:

Young Voices                              Mrs Ash

Key Stage 1 Singing                    Miss Tillen and Mrs Baker

Yoga                                          Mrs Clarke

Multi-sports                               Mrs Harry and Mrs Smith

Sports Crew                               Miss Letts

Film Club                                  Miss Thomas and Ms James

Key Stage 2 Art Project              Mrs Tagg and Mrs Bray

Key Stage 1 Arts and Crafts        Mrs Johnson and Mrs Judkins

Around the World in 80 Days      Mrs Fisher and Mrs Beall

Gardening Club                         Ms King

Let's Get Cooking                      Miss Crouch and Mrs Coleman

Minecraft                                  Mr Skears

Library                                     Miss Brady and Ms Doran

House University Summer 2017

For the summer term we are having 'House University'. With our Foundation Stage pupils being more grown up and resilient they are now able to join the other children in their Houses and work effectively together on a joint project for a presentation on Thursday 29th June on the KS2 playground. Please put this date in your diaries to see what the children have been working on.

Our theme this year (last year we thought about the decades of the Queen's life in recognition of her 90th Birthday) is to consider the School Values and how these relate to our Christian ethos. The children will work together to understand our values better and consider how Jesus demonstrated these.

Purple House   Community - Church and Local

Black House   Community - International

Yellow House   being Valued by God

Pink House   Resilience

Green House   Caring

White House   Enthusiasm

Blue House   Respect

Red House    Ambition

Orange House   Equality

Each House will decide on a method to present their findings to the rest of the school choosing a creative medium; drama, music, poetry, prayer etc.

We look forward to seeing the results and are sure this will help the children to understand our values and the deeply Christian aspects of our values.

Please have a look at the photographs from our House University Graduation that explored 'Our Values through Bibles stories'.

University Programme - Spring 2017

Here are the courses being run this term:

Sports                                      Mrs Harry

Library Club                              Miss Brady and Miss James

KS2 Art                                    Ms King

Singing                                      Mrs Ash

KS2 Sewing                               Miss Thomas

Minecraft                                  Mr Skears

Let's get Cooking                       Miss Crouch and Miss Jordan

Sports Crew                               Ms Doran

Yoga                                           Mrs Clarke and Mrs Judkins

Poetry and Art                           Miss Letts

Around the World in 80 Days     Mrs Fisher

KS1 Arts and Crafts                   Mrs Tagg and Mrs Bray

Running Club Yrs 2 - 4                Miss White and Mrs Baker

Learn Italian                              Mrs Neill (Parent Volunteer)


Our Graduation Event will be on Friday 17th March at 2.30pm.

Please see the photos below of our children involved in their University courses.



University Graduation November 2016

Please find below our photos from our latest University Graduation!

University for the Autumn Term 2016

University has now started and we have a great variety of courses available. The children will carry out their course each Friday afternoon. The last session and Graduation (where parents are welcome to come and see what has been going on) will be on Friday 11th November at 2.30pm.

Courses this term are:

Shakespeare Schools Festival     Miss Thomas

Young Voices                            Mrs Ash

Hockey                                    Mrs Harry

Countries of the World              Mrs Fisher

Gardening                               Miss King

Relaxation and Well-Being        Mrs Clarke

Football Key Stage 2                Miss Letts

Construction                           Mr Chadwick (Parent Volunteer)


University for the Summer Term 2016 

We have a very exciting University theme this term. In recognition and honour of the Queen's 90th birthday, our House Teams, including Foundation stage pupils will be getting together to research a decade that our Queen has lived. Each House will be asked to consider the fashion, events, music and food. Our graduation will take the form of a street party in the playground.

Each Friday, pupils will be joining their House from 1.30pm - 2.30pm to carry out research and prepare their contribution to the event.

('I really can't wait!' - Ms Brown)

University Graduation March 2016

Another term of University courses has come to an end and the children shared with the rest of the school what they had been doing before they 'graduated'. They were joined by many parents.

Sports Crew

Sports crew told us all about how they have been preparing the school resources, sports teams and updating us with information on displays and on the website.

Board Games

The 'board and card games' group told us about the new games they had been learning, playing and creating.


Netball club told us all about the passes they have been learning and practising to be able to use in game situations.

Book Club 

Book Club have been reading everywhere! On the bus, in Towcester Library and with the Foundation Stage pupils.


Running Club have been steadily working towards 5km runs.

Pom Pom Rug Making

The pom-pom group have been working together to create lots of pom-poms that will be sewn to make a super pom-pom rug.

Bird Watching and Eco Club

Bird Watching and Eco group have been identifying birds and looking at our recycling in school with the support of Northamptonshire Recycling and Waste team. 

Key Stage 2 Sewing Club

All of the children have developed their sewing skills to each make a patchwork cushion.

Sewing Key Stage 1

The course taught the children how to use different types of stitching to create words and pictures.


The Art group showed us their playground creations on the playground.


The craft group shared their colourful masks, incorporating a range of craft skills.

Spring 2016

These are our courses for the Spring Term:

Card games and Board Games

Sports Crew


Book Club

Running Club

Pom Pom Rug Making

Sewing Key Stage 1

Sewing Key Stage 2

Eco/Gardening Club




Graduation will be on Friday 18th March at 2.30pm. All are welcome to attend and see what the children have been learning.

Graduation Ceremony - November 2015

Autumn 2015

We are running University for approximately 10 weeks this term. Each child will complete one course. We have offered a wide variety of courses including pom-pom making, running club, cricket, rug making, Sports Crew and Young Voices. Here are some pictures of the children enjoying themselves and learning new skills with different friends.





Our summer university will take place in House Teams. The children will work together, across the different ages. to produce a piece of art or an artefact based on an artist, inventor or innovator! Watch this space for their finished products.


WOW WOW WOW!!! Look at the results from our House University! The children proudly shared their work with the rest of the school. We think you will agree that the results are outstanding!

Red House painted a Noah's Ark on the wall after making models of animals out of clay and Lego.

Yellow House used weaving to decorate our school fence.

Green House created a large glass stained window.

Purple House used themselves and the environment to make letters that spelt out our school values.

Blue House decorated sticks to form a wigwam.

Black House used clay tiles to make one decorative piece about our school.

White House made flower bowls to decorate our borders outside the school main entrance.

Orange House made a hopscotch using different materials to make the numbers.


Our Spring Term University courses are set and are due to start on Friday 23rd January. The graduation ceremony will be Friday 20th March. The following are the courses available to the children:


Around the World     Mrs Doran

Football     Miss Letts

Code breaking    Mr Cullen

Sewing    Miss Thomas

Book Club     Mrs Punter

Drawing    Mrs Ash

Sports Crew  Miss Nichols

Nature Club   Ms King

Cookery  Mrs Fisher

Story telling/activities   Miss James

Fitness  Miss Brady

Art   Mrs Tagg

Creative writing  Mrs Hart

Harry Potter Film Club   Mr Skears

Creative Writing University Course - Spring 2015

The 'Creative Writing' course organised by Mrs Hart takes place on the school bus. In their first session, the pupils were invited to step aboard the 'Imagination Bus' using their very special tickets and consider where they would like to go.




Autumn 2014 University

Another term of University has started. The following are the activities that the children have been able to choose from:

Miss Brady                                                      Scratch

Mrs Ash                                                           Arts and Crafts

Mrs Punter                                                       Book Reviews

Ms James                                                        Story Telling

Mrs Thomas                                                     Film Making

Mrs Fisher                                                        Recorders

Mrs Hart                                                           First Aid

Ms King                                                            Barrel Vaulting

Miss Letts                                                         Football

Miss Orr  and Mrs Bray                                    Large Art

Mr Skears                                                        Pin Hole Cameras

Mrs Tagg  and Miss Nichols                            Craft

Mrs Malik                                                         Art, drawing, painting and mixed media


Summer 2014 University


Due to the impending Comenius Project final event, we will not be having University for this term, but House Teams will meet on an occasional basis and whole school activities will be programmed as appropriate.


Spring 2014 University


Miss Brady and Mrs Coleman                          KS2 Forest Schools

Mrs Fisher                                                        Year 6 SATs Revision

Mrs Hart                                                            Singing Silly Songs

Ms King                                                            Pottery

Miss Letts                                                         Football

Miss Orr                                                           Gardening

Mr Skears                                                        Surprise!

Miss Thomas and Mrs Tagg                            Textile Design

Miss White and Ms Doran                               Running Club

Mrs Drane                                                       Cookery

Mrs Farrington and Ms Woodbridge               Traditional Games

Mrs Gregory                                                    Beadwork

Mr Walas                                                         Space Command

Mrs Malik                                                         KS1 Art


Autumn Term 2  2013 University


Autumn Term 2 University courses are based around 'Performance'. All children across the school will be attending relevant groups to help them prepare for their Christmas Performance: singing, dancing, acting, lighting, scenery making, prop making, costume making


Autumn Term 1 2013 University

Courses that were available to the children in Autumn Term 1 were: 


Ms King                                        Barrel Vaulting                              

Miss Letts                                     Football Key Stage 2                            

Mr Skears                                     Rocket Building 

Miss White                                    How to be a TV Presenter                         

Miss Brady and Mrs Coleman           Forest Schools                      

Mrs Hart and Mrs Goddard              Bag making/Crafts

Mrs Drane                                      Cookery

Miss Thomas and Mrs Tagg            Textile Design

Mrs Fisher                                    ‘No cook’ cooking

Miss Orr                                        Film Review

Mrs Garratt                                   Cheerleading 



Photos taken by Website Club members

Chloe and Jade Year 6