Towcester Church of England Primary School

We will send the children out, as Noah did the dove (Genesis 8:8-12), having nurtured and prepared them for life. Knowing that they are valued and can fly and can take the values of the school out into the world.

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What our parents and pupils say about our send support and provision

Towcester C of E Primary School has always been our local school of choice, for myself as a child and then my son, so we automatically sent our daughter there. However, this was the first time we had experience with the SENCO and the extra support the school provides.

After having a stressful time in Pre-School, our daughter settled in extremely quickly at school. Largely down to her reception teacher, Mrs Booth (who was later appointed the school SENCO) and the TA’s but also because of a welcoming, patient school. I believe the school did everything they could to help my daughter develop into the confident child she now is. They gave her the space to develop at her own pace and the one-to-one support she needed, even before they had funding for it.

Although we eventually made the decision to move our daughter to a SEN school it was not down to a lack effort from the staff at Towcester Primary, in fact without their patience and support she would not have developed the foundations which she could build on. Furthermore, because the school (especially Mrs Booth) guided us as parents with regular meetings and help along the EHCP process, we always felt supported.


We have felt completely encouraged and reassured by the SEN provision at Towcester Primary. All staff have gone out of their way to meet the different needs of our children and this has made a huge difference to them and us as parents.


Concerns that we have had regarding our children have been fully supported by Mrs Booth and her team and never dismissed. The interventions and additional support that has been put in place have had an extremely positive impact on the children and on us. The staff are approachable and understanding, always putting the children’s needs first.


As a school the openness with regards to how everyone is unique and different is amazing. This generates a culture of understanding and inclusion.  The whole school implementation of the Zones of Regulation has had a massive impact. It helps all the children understand their feelings as well as being a great tool for those who struggle emotionally.


We cannot thank Mrs Booth, the SEN department, all teachers and support staff enough for their hard work and care.


When looking at choices of local Primary Schools we felt the words “inclusive” were too often used and without sincerity. Choosing a Primary School with exceptional SEN experience, and one which would seek to understand our son as an individual and adapt to his particular needs was particularly important for us.

It was upon the reputation of Mrs Booth and the SEN team at Towcester C of E Primary that we made our choice. Two years on we can only say that we made “the right choice” for our son. Mrs Booth and team quickly came to understand our son and adopt strategies to help him understand and handle his emotions better, live the values of the school, enjoy his friendships, and be a part of every opportunity that is made available in a safe and supportive environment.

A truly inclusive and supportive Primary School for which we will be forever grateful. 


“Mrs Booth, the SENDCO, has gone above and beyond to help us as a family, even when things started to get really tough due to COVID and different processes were delayed. Mrs Booth and my child’s class teacher still came through in helping with all queries - no matter how random sometimes they sounded.

Since starting at Towcester, my child has been included in all aspects of learning so she does not feel left behind. She has come on leaps and bounds. Her confidence has soared!

And now we finally have the EHCP that will change my child’s life in so many ways. We can’t thank all the staff enough for all help they have given.”


“C joined Towcester C of E Primary in the May of Year 4. Right from the start, the school listened to all of the concerns I had about C’s challenges and put interventions in place which they felt would help and support him, even though he didn’t at that stage have a diagnosis.
In his second term, the SEN lead suggested re-referring for diagnosis and supported me to complete the application and organise all of the evidence to support it. In the December of Year 4, C was diagnosed with ADHD and it not only meant we could put other things in place to help him, but it also gave him an understanding of why he is like he is which helped him hugely. C has thrived at Towcester C of E Primary and loved his time there.”