Towcester Church of England Primary School

We will send the children out, as Noah did the dove (Genesis 8:8-12), having nurtured and prepared them for life. Knowing that they are valued and can fly and can take the values of the school out into the world.

Islington Road, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6AU

01327 350332

All About Us

Our ethos and values

We are a small, happy and friendly school community providing a broad curriculum for 4 to 11 year olds.

We offer all children a wealth of opportunity to reach their potential in key skills and extra curricular activities, giving them confidence and choices for the future.

Our School Mission Statement

Our mission statement is 'Enjoy, Believe, Achieve, Succeed' - to enjoy our learning, believe in ourselves, our faith and others to help us achieve our full potential and succeed in all areas of life to make us happy and rounded individuals. As a Church school, our Christian ethos and School Values underpin our behaviour and attitude towards others, ourselves, our community and our learning. We look beyond ourselves to help others and support three charities every year.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is planned with the children and peppered with opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Our topics start with a 'Wow' day to spark interest and enthusiasm. Sometimes we like to keep this a secret from the children to create further excitement and anticipation. Each term, the class teacher will add the topic overview 'The Topic Overview' on their class page and parents/pupils are sent home a copy. This shows the curriculum content for each topic.

Home learning projects add opportunities for the children to learn with their parents; carrying out an activity that suits everyone's skills and interests. Our work is displayed in classrooms and in our exhibition area near the entrance hall.  

Our Libraries

Our school has two libraries for use during lesson and lunchtimes. Our Librarian, Mrs Punter, keeps them fresh with books, story bags, comincs/magazines and activities to inspire us as readers. The children have access to computers, listening stations and Kindles to support them with their learning as well as hundreds of books to choose from. We believe reading is very important for all our learning and to develop us as individuals. We have a 'Reading Buddy' in school who we enjoy sharing a book with every week. Many friendships have been born out of our buddy system.

Our School Grounds

Our school grounds are developing further to become an extensive outdoor learning environment. We have two allotment areas, a tree fort, trim trail, climbing wall, climbing frame, bandstand, MUGA, outdoor music area, amphitheatre, woodland walk, garden with pond and, of course, our resident chickens. As well as lots of space for sports and play. We have even started our own cafe in our garden.


All staff work hard to ensure all of our children have extensive learning opportunities; in and out of the classroom, during and after school and in and out of Towcester.

We regularly have whole school trips; we have been to places such as the Space Centre, Conkers and the theatre. We have numerous other outings and visitors, including visits to and from our international friends in Catalonia and Germany.

There are numerous sports clubs available and we achieved the Gold Sportsmark Award for our promotion and development of sports and fitness in 2016. Our children run every day, with our Year 5 and 6 children running 'A-Mile-A-Day'. We have seen a large increase in the children's fitness levels since starting this running programme and it also aids their concentration levels in the classroom.

We encourage our pupils to take part in community, sports, music and international events. Once involved in three community, music or sports events the children can apply for an 'Ambassador Badge' If they visit another country, as part of our school exchanges, or host a visitor, they can apply for the 'International Ambassador' badge. Our ambassadors are recognised by their badge being presented in a Friday assembly and with a photo of themselves displayed in the school hall.


We have many events in school when we invite parents, family and friends to join us. It is very important to us that we are a whole school community. One of our regular events is the Friday Celebration assembly. All are welcome to come and see the children receive different rewards and awards for good behaviour, spellings, timetables, star achievements and more. We also share achievements from outside of school such as swimming, gymnastics, music etc. The first Friday of each month is when we recognise those who have a birthday. Please join us at 9am every Friday and stay for a cup of tea and a chat afterwards if you have the time! Parents have the opportunity to become a 'Parent Ambassador' by just attending 10 or more school events to achieve their own badge and have their photo displayed.


Please explore our website to found out more about what we are doing and achieving at Towcester C of E Primary School.


A Typical Day at Towcester C of E Primary

Our day starts at 8.45am, with the register being taken at 8.55am.

Our first learning session finishes at 10.10 for Collective Worship.

At 10.30 we have our morning break with a fruit snack or second breakfast.

At 10.45, our break finishes and we all have a phonics, spelling or mental math lesson in differentiated groups in class or across phases.

At 11.10am we have our second learning session in class.

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children break for lunch at 12pm and Key Stage 2 stop at 12.20pm. Hot dinners are available in our Key Stage 1 lunch hall.

Afternoon learning starts at 1.15pm for Key Stage 1 and 1.20 pm for Key Stage 2.

The afternoon typically consists of two learning sessions, before the end of school; 3.25pm for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and 3.30pm for Key Stage 2.


We have a wide variety of clubs; some before school, some at lunchtime and others after school. Please see our clubs page for more detail.