Parent Survey March 2016

We appreciate the feedback we received from our survey carried out at Parent's Evening. We had 45 responses with 43 being extremely positive.

One parent gave us a suggestion how to support their child who is finding an friendship at playtimes a bit tricky. We do have both adult and children playleaders on the playground that look out for children who are finding joining in more difficult. They engage them in group games which usually results in them engaged in a  game or going off with a new friend.

The other parent has suggested we develop our art/DT/science projects in school. Each year group have their own focus on these areas through their creative topics. We are having a whole school science focus during transition days in July and we can look into booking an art/DT whole school project next year.

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us feedback and ideas. Your suggestions are valued and we do our best to ensure to act upon them where possible.

Don't forget you can always use Parent View to give us both positive and constructive feedback. 

'It's a fantastic school.'

I am 100% happy with the school. I love all the values that are evident every day. I feel privileged to be part of Towcester Primary.'

'I am happy to be a parent at our school.'

'I am extremely happy. I love the variety of learning experiences that my child is doing. I also love how children's achievements are celebrated regularly within the school.'

'As parents, we couldn't be happier. Our children have been made to feel so welcome. We are also so pleased at the level of education and opportunities they have both been given.'

'I can not fault anything about the school, teachers or learning process - very happy.'

'Parents/grandparents are encouraged to participate and come along to see what the children do.'

'I can not fault the school in any way. I love how devoted the teachers and Mr Camp are - even when they are doing things outside of school like Young Voices.'

'I love the interaction between parents and the school.'

'My son has made lots of friends and is confident and happy. We are pleased with his progress.'

'Very happy with the school. Love Friday assembly - happy, loving, community spirit.'

'I very much appreciate all the time and hard work the team puts in.'

'I am happy as a parent especially when I see different children being chosen for activities, particularly sports.'

Parent Survey October 2015

Thank you to all parents that completed the recent questionnaire at Parent's Evening. It has been a while since we put your last quotes on our Community Tree in the entrance hall. Here are some of your most recent comments:

'I'm delighted with the school. I love coming to the assembly on Friday. I feel very fortunate that my child attends such a fantastic school with a very supportive Head Teacher.'

'I am very happy as a parent at our school and support and appreciate all you do for my children.'

'The school is very keen to involve parents and ensure we have a role to play in our child's learning.'

'My son tells everyone his school is really fun!'

'My son adores Mr Camp and is proud of Towcester C of E. Family assemblies build fellowship and values and identity.'

'Good communication. Good values. Excellent school.'

'I believe the school has improved over the last few years - you keep coming up with great ideas. I hope they don't run out. We are very happy with our choice of school for our son.'

'Without doubt, my daughter feels secure, safe and happy and her learning is developing at an excellent pace. Thank you.'

'I have always felt happy approaching the school for information/assistance.'

'Both my boys seem very happy coming to school and always have something they are excited to share each day.'

'My daughter has progressed a lot since joining Towcester Primary.'

'Mr Camp has done a fantastic job at the school. As a parent you are always made to feel welcome.'

'I am a very happy parent. I think the school is fab! Loads of wonderful opportunities for the children and it has such a lovely feel about it.'

'Love the Friday assemblies and being able to see what the children are achieving.'

'My son really enjoys the home learning and picking what he wants to do. I have also found the spellings have helped his handwriting.'

'I have never seen my children so enthused about school and learning.'

'My daughter enjoys what she is doing and is really positive about her teachers and classmates.'

'I've never had any issues that haven't been resolved.'

'Would recommend this school to any parent.'

'Are you happy as a parent at our school? Yes, over the moon.'

'My son always speaks positively about school. He talks fondly of staff, pupils across the whole school and his learning.'

'I feel the staff are approachable and proactive.'

'Interaction between teachers and parents is great.'