Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to schools and is money  that is paid directly to schools from the Government, to support certain groups of pupils with their learning and education. 

At Towcester the pupils who are eligible for this support are ones that qualify for or have qualified for free school meals in the past six years, looked after children or children from service personnel. Each pupil gives £1320 to enhance the school budget and provision to close the possible gaps between that of their peers. 

Generally, our PP pupils often have lower starting points in FS, particularly with communication and language. Confidence of all children can be lower and ability to complete home learning to a higher standard is less. The school has a lot of mobility so often PP pupils have had change of school due to a change of address.

For all Pupil Premium pupils we identify an area of learning that they might be finding difficult or need extending in e.g. phonics, reading, writing, maths etc. and then put in support to help these pupils so that they catch up or even exceed their peers. This can be out of class, but we prefer it to be within their lessons as it is proven to be more effective. The Pupil Premium money is used to fund this support and also provide pupils with different opportunities and experiences that extra-curricular clubs or trips may provide. To aid this we use a voucher system where parents are given a voucher for £150 to use against educational services or activities provided at school.

Analysis of our school assessment data from the past few years, indicates that the impact of this has been that most of our pupil premium and free school meal children make or exceed expected progress with some achieving very well - benefiting from our rich, broad curriculum.

At Towcester C of E Primary, we believe that children learn best from people and experiences. Children are often more excited about learning when interacting with a person - rather than a resource that might only be valuable in the short-term. This belief is supported by the children who in a survey in July 2017, said that they preferred verbal feedback about their work and, in July 2018, said that adults helped them to feel better about themselves.

Currently at Towcester we are using some experienced Teaching Assistants to provide individual support, challenge or guidance for our Pupil Premium pupils within the classroom setting.  Other pupils are supported by having small intervention group work to aid their learning outside of the classroom. This might be with members of our staff or outside groups such as 'Pets as therapy' and 'Beanstalk' who support with reading and self-esteem. We have employed a Librarian who monitors and maintains our two libraries and ensures the 'love of reading' permeates the school environment.

Our more able Pupil Premium pupils are given opportunities to meet up with other pupils in the Cluster to share talents and learning opportunities on themed days. We ensure that our More Able Pupil Premium Pupils attend 'Enrich' activities to develop their skills and experiences in a different context. Last year, we used the cafe project as an enterprise opportunity to enhance their learning and experience.


Total Income for Financial Year 2018/2019        50 pupils     £66,000

Anticipated budget for the year:

Teacher                                                                                                                       £39,700

Teaching Assistants                                                                                                      £12,500

Librarian                                                                                                                      £10,500  

Vouchers for Pupils to enhance learning opportunities                                                    £2,550

Milk                                                                                                                                   £50

Beanstalk (Reading support)                                                                                              £600

Pets as Therapy                                                                                                                £100

Pupil Premium Governor Report July 2018

Total Income for Financial Year 2017/2018       57 pupils      £75,240

Teacher                                                                                                                       £35,000

Teaching Assistants                                                                                                      £20,000

Librarian                                                                                                                      £10,000  

PSA                                                                                                                               £3,500

Vouchers for Pupils to enhance learning opportunities                                                    £4,050

Milk                                                                                                                                   £50

Beanstalk (Reading support)                                                                                              £300

Pets as Therapy                                                                                                                £100

Other (including subsidy of trips, learning resources and training)                                    £2240


Results for 2017 and 2018

Percentage of PP and Non-PP children in the school achieving secure or higher in 2017 – 2018


All children

PP Children














The gap is still wider in maths and writing and this is something we are looking to close in 2018 - 2019.

One of our aims last year, in-line with the school dvelopment plan, was to get more pupils, including PP, working at GD. We achieved this:

How many Pupil Premium children are working at Greater Depth (Exceeding) compared to last year?

Maths - Number



July 2017

(39 children)

July 2018

(48 children)

July 2017

(39 children)

July 2018

(48 children)

July 2017

(39 children)

July 2018

(48 children)

2 = 5%

6 = 13%

7 = 18%

10 = 21%

3 = 8%

7 = 15%

Total Income for Financial Year 2016/2017     51 pupils      £67,500 


Teacher and TA support time including librarian                                                                -£51000   

Vouchers for Pupils to enhance learning opportunities                                                         -£7650 

External Support including PSA and                                                                                    learning  mentor                                                                                                                - £7450                                                                                                   

Other expenses eg. resources                                                                                            - £1400