Towcester Church of England Primary School

We will send the children out, as Noah did the dove (Genesis 8:8-12), having nurtured and prepared them for life. Knowing that they are valued and can fly and can take the values of the school out into the world.

Islington Road, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6AU

01327 350332

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Chair              –          Sarah Anthistle

Vice Chair       –         Roxie Sargent

Secretary        -         Jennie Moore

Treasurer        –        Phil Bushby




Here are some of the projects that FOTOPS have been involved with:

 What Is FOTOPS?


FOTOPS stands for the Friends of Towcester Primary School, and is a group of volunteers who help raise money for the school and its pupils.  This is generally done by holding fetes, raffles, cake sales, but also includes lots of other fun events.  


FOTOPS is a registered charity with official members, as well as helpers.  FOTOPS meet at least once each half term to brainstorm and plan fundraising activities.  Details of our upcoming meetings and events can be found on the noticeboard or on the FOTOPS section of the school website.


Helpers Needed!


FOTOPS always need helpers, we wouldn't be able to do the things we do without them!  We need helpers to give us ideas and suggestions for fundraising activities, we will also need helpers at all of the above events.  Being a helper doesn't mean that you have to give up lots of your time. It simply means that we will invite you to our FOTOPS meetings, so that you can contribute ideas and suggestions, and if you are available to help at our events as they come up then brilliant, if you are not that's totally fine.  You might think that if you come to a meeting, that you might be lumbered with lots of work to do or have to commit to helping at an event.  This is certainly not the case.


If you would like to be a FOTOPS helper, then please speak to one of the official members, email us at or drop your contact details into the school office and they will pass them on to us.  Alternatively, come and introduce yourself at our next meeting, which will be announced on the noticeboard/here soon.



Helpers Form


The Giving Machine - Details