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Whole School Messages from Mrs Griffin


Friday 3rd April

Happy Friday everybody!

The last day of term has arrived. It has been an interesting term... I don't think I can remember much of what happened before the past 4 weeks, (however, I do remember God and the Big Bang, Year 6 dissecting hearts and the faces of those children going to/coming back from the Frontier Centre) but I do know that whatever we do at Towcester Primary, it is purposeful and fun. Most importantly, we are one big team. I have enjoyed reading the parents and community comments about the video and it is great to hear that Towcester Primary is as much a place for our pupils as it is for our parents.

So I hope everyone will join in with our Celebration Assembly today as we normally do.

I wish you all a very safe, happy and relaxing Easter break and we will be back on Monday 20th April. Look after each other and appreciate the small things.


Thursday 2nd April 


How are you today?

Have you seen it yet? What do you think?

I love our 'Stronger Together' video! (Well done and thank you to Miss Tillen) It shows that we are all still thinking about school and you everyday - even from home. It also reminds us of the power of music... so here is our Sing and Praise Collective Worship for today. Starting with...   Stronger Together

And now some Easter songs:  Celebrate

Let us practice a newer one:  Blinded by your Grace 


Let's finish with some thoughtful time or you can read the prayer:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for giving us the gift of music and singing. It is a medicine for everyone for however they are feeling.
Sorry if we sometimes become selfish and think that our small problems are big problems when others face such sad, big or challenging times.
Help us to think of ways to be thoughtful towards others around us and to think about all the keyworkers at this time (doctors, nurses, police, shop worker, delivery drivers and staff in school) who are doing a fantastic job of helping others. We shall continue to admire and thank them for their work.

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone.

Has anyone played a trick on you today? It's April Fools Day - watch out!

Did you enjoy seeing my photos yesterday? It was a fascinating place to visit and I learnt so much. Adults learn everyday too!

Today in Collective Worship, I thought we would make sure we knew the significance of each important day leading up to Easter Sunday. Perhaps you could test each other with what happened on each day so you try and remember.

I hope you have a good day.


 Easter dates 1.4.20.pptx.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 31st March 

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a good day yesterday and refreshed your memory about the Easter story.

Here is today's Collective Worship with photographs taken in Jerusalem. I hope you find it interesting.

Mrs Griffin

 Jerusalem 31.3.20.pdfDownload
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Monday 30th March 

Good morning.

I hope you all had a restful weekend and stayed safe in your homes as much as possible.

Here is your Collective Worship for today.

We are starting our school 'Holy week' so I am starting off with the Easter story. The film clip might be easier for our younger pupils to understand.

Tomorrow I will share with you some photos from when I visited Jerusalem in December.

Let's brighten our day up with 'Lord of the Dance' for our singing today. I am getting to like this version! Lord of the Dance.

Hope you have a good Monday.

Mrs Griffin

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Friday 27th March

Happy Friday!

We have successfully achieved our first week of home-schooling.

A big well done to the teachers this week - those that are qualified and those who are not!

We are all on a big learning curve but all we can do is our very best. So our best will be celebrated in our usual (but different) Celebration Assembly below. May be you could make some certificates to award to yourself and people in your home?

I hope you have a well-deserved break this weekend. Until Monday, stay safe and happy.

 Friday celebration Assembly 27.3.20.pdfDownload
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Thursday 26th March 

Good morning Everyone.

Hasn't the weather been lovely? I hope you have been spending time in your gardens and perhaps taking one walk a day to give yourself some exercise and fresh air. Remember to keep 2 metres apart from everyone else. There are posters in my local park to remind me.

For collective worship today I thought we could have a singing assembly.

Here are some links to some songs that I thought you might like to try. A couple of them are not the whole songs but perhaps you know the rest of the words and could carry on? Could you pick three songs to try today? (Lord of the Dance is a bit fast, but it is quite fun!) I have selected some Easter ones particularly. Tomorrow is Celebration Assembly from home so we will be singing 'Power in Me'. You might want to practice that one today in preparation.  Spring Chicken  Guide me O Thou Great Redeemer 
Let's finish with some thoughtful time or you can read the prayer:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for giving us the gift of families, sunshine, exercise, teachers and singing. Together, these things today will help us to smile, laugh and feel loved. They are there to remind us that you are there caring for us too. Help us to look at and think about the important things at this time and value what we do not have time usually to stop and appreciate.
Our thoughts are with those people who are poorly or families that are feeling sad. We count our blessings and will remain positive with your help.

Wednesday 25th March

Day three at home. How are you doing? Are you feeling proud of yourself?

I have heard that some of you are putting on your school uniform everyday and sticking to your new lesson timetable really well. That makes me very proud of you.

Did you sing 'Stronger Together' during Collective Worship yesterday? I hope you sang it loud and clear.

Here is today's collective worship:

(The link you need for the plate clip is:


 25.3.20 Give your worries to God JG 2.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 24th March

Good morning!

Welcome back to your school on the internet.

Did you enjoy your lessons yesterday? I am very impressed with all the creative ways your teachers are teaching you and I have heard that lots of you have made a great start in your learning from home.

Have you chosen someone to be Collective Worship Ambassador today? I hope you have your singing voice ready...

Keep working hard and keep staying safe.

Mrs Griffin


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Monday 23rd March

Good morning everyone!

Welcome to 'Learning from Home - Day One'.

Your teachers have been excitedly getting your lessons ready for you and I know you are going to enjoy doing somethings a little bit differently.

So I wonder if you could all have a go at being a Collective Worship Ambassador today by leading yourself, and maybe others in your family, through our Collective Worship for today? Don't forget to do your task at the end!

Have a good day.

Mrs Griffin


 23.3.20 Seeing God's love in action.pdfDownload
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