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Our School Values

We have six core values that we consider daily in our lessons and play. We explain the meaning of the values during assemblies and at other appropriate times and staff model the values through their own behaviour.

Children reflect on the values on what it means to them and their own lives/behaviour. Those displaying these values are rewarded with house points.

Our values are taught and learned through the work of the School Council and by involving staff, governors and parents to explain how school and home can work together to promote them.

In January 2017 we updated and developed our values to reflect the changing world we live in. The new values were refined through consultations with the children, governors and staff. The school council used the feedback from the different stakeholders to identify and set the new values. 


Towcester CE Primary School



Our values spring from the belief that we are infinitely valued by God.

At Towcester Church of England Primary School we are part of our church, town, national and international community. Through this all of our values are developed.








June 2017 - Our School Values 

During their Friday university sessions, the children have been exploring the new school values. The aim of the university was for children to explore the new school values and develop a greater understanding of the ‘deeply Christian’ aspects of these. Children explored the links between our values and how these are taught in the Bible.  

Purple House 

The children in Purple House explored our relationships with the church and our local community. They learnt about the 'Feeding of the Five Thousand' and considered what this miracle teaches Christians. In their presentation children explained the importance of sharing what you have with others. 

Black House 

Everyone in Black House learnt about the importance of our International Community. The children explained that it is vital that we make friends with others and learn about each other's countries and communities. Children shared the story of 'The Good Samaritan', explaining what this teaches us about helping others and working together. 

Yellow House 

The Yellow team reflected on the statement 'Valued by God'. They thought about what this means, how God shows this and how we know we are loved and valued by him. The children created a drama of the Parable 'The Lost Sheep'. It taught us that God cares for each and everyone of us and will never give up on a 'Lost Sheep'.

Pink House 

The children in Pink House thought about the value of Resilience. Children shared a dance and sang a song based on the story of 'Joseph and his Brothers.' Children explained that Joseph had to be resilient, with the help and support of God, while his brothers were jealous and unkind to him. 

Green House 

All the children in Green House researched the value of Caring. They learnt about 'The Good Samaritan' and St Francis of Assisi, children reflected on his life and his key teachings. Children shared the importance of caring and giving and showed us that through these actions we receive God's love and the love of others.

White House 

The White House thought about the value of Enthusiasm. They shared the importance of moving through life with energy and and excitement.   Children created a drama to teach us the story of Noah. It was clear that Noah needed energy, enthusiasm and excitement to trust God.

Blue House

The children in Blue House explored the value of Respect. They explored the symbol of the rainbow, which was sent by God in the book of Genesis as a sign of his promise. Children demonstrated the importance of having all the colours in the rainbow and respecting the differences between these. 

Orange House 

All the children in Orange House reflected on the value of Equality. They told us the story of 'The Last Supper' where Jesus washed the disciples' feet. The children explained that Jesus was showing he was a servant king and equal to everybody else. The children sang a song to explain that we all laugh in the same language, because we are all equal.

Red House 

The Red House explored the value of Ambition by learning about 'The Parable of the Talents.' They explained the importance of using your talents and valuing the talents in others. 



Please also see our 'British Values' page to tell you about other ways we teach and support our children to be happy and caring individuals.