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We will send the children out, as Noah did the dove (Genesis 8:8-12), having nurtured and prepared them for life. Knowing that they are valued and can fly and can take the values of the school out into the world.

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Enrich Group

The Enrich Group was set up in January 2016, to provide enrichment activities to challenge our more able, independent thinkers. All the children in the group were recommended by their current and previous teachers. Children are selected to join the group if they show that they are independent thinkers and learners in lessons and around the school. A list of criteria is used to identify Enrich Group members and teachers have to explain how the children they nominate meet this.    


  • Works independently
  • Self-motivated
  • Resilient
  • Possesses appropriate social skills
  • Shows tolerance and respect to others
  • Seeks challenges
  • Willing to take risks
  • Ambitious
  • Learns from failure
  • Has a thirst for knowledge 

(See school policy for more information)  

       The Enrich Group 2019-2020      

So a new year has begun and plans are in place to re-open our Community Kitchen. Shortly, the children will be able to apply for the opportunity to become part of the team. Once this new team is in place, the planning will begin! Look again soon or follow us on Facebook to find out when the Community Kitchen will be open - we will keep you updated.


We look forward to welcoming you all for a treat or two one afternoon soon :)


Enrich Group Activities 2018 -19 

As soon as we arrived back in school, we started making preparations for the Autumn Term opening of the Community Kitchen. We have read new applications and interviewed new staff.  We are pleased to announce that the cafe opened again on Friday 21st September. In a few weeks we will be evaluating the progress of the business and considering possible adaptions and changes. 

A huge thank you to everyone for your continued support. 

Cafe Opening  - Friday 21st September... 

Enrich Group Activities: 2017-18

Our Cafe Opens - July 2018 

And finally on the 17th July, the Towcester Primary Community Kitchen opened to special invited guests and the public. We had lots of positive comments and look forward to continue running 

Our Presentation to the School - June 2018 

We presented to the school on Monday 25th June. We explained how busy we had been setting up, planning and opening our own business. Take a look at our PowerPoint to find out what we've been up to! 

Towcester Primary Community Kitchen Research!

This year the Enrich group are setting up their own business - The Community Kitchen. The children have been organised into teams to plan and build the different parts of the business. On Monday 5th March, the Food and Beverage team went to Whittlebury Hall to research how a kitchen is organised, how a menu is designed and pitched their ideas to Mr Webster. 

The children, Miss White and Mrs Griffin thoroughly enjoyed their research. 

Wednesday 28th February - Big Bang Event 

The older members of the Enrich Group took part in the Big Bang Event at Silverstone. The event showcases the study of science, engineering and maths. Children had the opportunity to take part in mini investigations in different subject areas - linking their findings to their knowledge in the subject whilst using specialist equipment.  

Tuesday 14th November - Business Planning 

This year, the children in the Enrich Group are opening their own business! Children will work together to plan, develop, organise and manage the business. 

On Tuesday 14th November, children worked with Miss White to decide on a name for their business, consider why it's need and put together a budget plan for their start up costs. 

More information to come...

Enrich Group Activities - 2016 - 2017 

Enrich Visit to Silverstone UTC by Libby in Year 5 

On Wednesday 28th June the Enrich group were invited to Silverstone UTC

When we arrived we met two teachers from the school: Mr Robertson and Mr Cleave. They taught us how to make torches and how circuits are used to create light.

Then we split into groups, one group had a tour of the school and the others had a break. We had some students as our tour guides and they showed us around the school and told us some facts about each of the places we visited.

Afterwards we made rockets and tested them to see which one would go the highest. Next we did control engineering where we used air to move pistons, making sure we connected the pipes to make a circuit. 

Finally, we asked the teachers questions about the school and engineering. We all enjoyed the day and spending times at the UTC.

“It was a great day and it has inspired us to aim higher for our futures.” Phoebe

“It has been amazing to work on hydraulics!” Ewan

“It was fun when we made the torches.” Sam

Everyone agreed what a brilliant trip it was!

Up-cycling Day - 07.06.17

The children in the Enrich group were challenged to design and make tables for the Foundation Stage outdoor area, using only recycled materials! The children had to work together to plan the table design, to collect the materials, to measure and cut the wood and create the table top. They did a brilliant job and by the end of the day the tables were being used in Foundation Stage! 

As an extra challenge, the children made bird boxes to be used around the school grounds. 

We are really pleased with the end results! We think we may even have some future furniture designers in the group! 

Rotary Young Writer's Competition - The Results! 

After the children in the Enrich group produced their final piece of writing Miss Thomas and Miss White chose eight pieces to enter into the Rotary's competition. On Friday 21st April all the children were invited to a celebration at the library. All entrants were presented with a certificate and praised for their excellent contributions. Two members of the Enrich group were awarded a prize for 2nd and 3rd place! Well done everyone! 

Term 4 - Rotary Young Writer's Competition

This term, the KS2 members of the Enrich group have been working with Miss Thomas to produce a piece of writing based on the theme of 'reflections'. Miss Thomas gave the children different stimuli to engage them in the writing process. Children then produced their writing at home and edited it in school, in a second session with Miss Thomas. We are hoping to enter some of their pieces into the Rotary Young Writer's Competition - let's hope we have a winner! 

Big Bang Event - Monday 1st March 

The older members of the Enrich group took part in The Big Bang Fair at the Saint's rugby ground in Northampton. Children tool part in: two scientific workshops, different challenges using new technologies and explored different careers and occupations. 

Monday 5th December - Peer Teaching Session

Individual Liberty 

The Enrich children have taught their sessions to the different classes from Year 1 to Year 5. They did really well and teachers commented on their positive approach with the children, their interesting lessons and activities. I think we may have some future teachers in the group! 

Thank you to the group for their hard work.


Peer Teaching - Term 2 20016-17

The Enrich children have been planning and organising sessions to teach other children about Individual Liberty. 

The group have had two sessions to plan their lessons and they will be delivering them on Monday 5th December. 

Enrich Group Activities - 2016

Visiting Silverstone UTC - 29.6.16

The Enrich Group visited the engineering department at Silverstone UTC. Children had the opportunity to: design and make key rings, work with hydraulics, create paper aeroplanes and measure the flight speed and distance. 

Children also had a tour of the school and were able to talk to students. All the children enjoyed the day and many explained that they would like to attend the UTC when they are older and it made a few children think about choosing a career in engineering.  

 Maths Enrichment Day at Wicksteed Park 


Some of the children in Years 4 and 5 were selected to take part in an Enrichment day of maths activities organised by PDET at Wicksteed Park. Children had the opportunity to work with children from other schools in the academy,  to complete challenging problems and puzzles and to listen to a visiting mathematician who explored the magic of maths! The children enjoyed taking part in the day and were keen to share what they had learnt with the rest of their class.  


Soap Box Derby - 14.04.16

This was the first meeting of the Enrich Group and focused on team working and designing skills. Children worked as part of a team to design a go-cart, then they used the designs to make the go-cart, children then had to evaluate and improve their designs. Finally, children were able to test their end product - they all agreed this was the best part.