Polish Trip News Feed

We are all very excited and looking forward to tomorrow!



All slept well last night. Temperature 26 C.  Having a lovely time.


We all had a great breakfast and are looking forward to a day of sport. We have been warmly welcomed to the Polish school and treated some dance exhibtions.

I'm having a great time and I love Poland. Naomi

It is very hot here. Trent

Yesterday evening we went for ice-cream in the local town and then walked up the mountain, 612m! Lots of rocks and a refreshing drink from the natural spring, excellent fun for all!


All together to start our activites.

We have had a fantastic day competing againest other schools and countries.

We are now enjoying learning and playing Badminton. 

After we should be enjoying a dip in the school swimming pool!

We have all been enjoying the food which there is a lot of!

Mr Camp and Mr Skears took some time to look at how lessons are taught in Poland. The children were very quiet!!


Today we visited a traditional Polish villiage, it was an open museum. The lunch was a traditional Polish meal, sauerkraut and sausage and a type of pasta filled with meat or mushroom.

In the evening we had kielbasa sausages cooked on the open fire outside using  a metre long toast fork!


Breakfast is over, our German and Slovakian friends have left so now nothing to do but play in the park until the bus arrives!