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German Visit - October 2017

And so we have been able to start another exchange with our friends from Hannover. These projects are subsidised by the UK-German Connection, whose support enables us to give our children the opportunity to make friends and carry out projects with GS Wettbergen.

Our topic for this year is 'Forests'.

And this time, it was the turn of the Germans to come to visit us first - 12 children and 2 teachers.

We filled our week witha tour of Towcester, a trip to Salcey Forest and making project books about the forest. And a visit from the Pantomime! Our German friends received a school t-shirt and had time in class to sample life in a British school.

We had a BBQ with our families and the teachers too.

German Exchange - March 2017

Much earlier (and wetter) than normal, our German visitors made their return visit to us this month. They stayed for four days; 9 pupils and 3 teachers including the new Head Teacher of G S Wettbergen, Mr Kuhn.

Working with Ms Brown and 9 of our pupils, we made trips to Stoke Bruerne and Northampton Town - not to mention the British Party we had on the Wednesday with the support of Tesco. We walked to see Diane and the team, who let us have a look behind the scenes at the store and then we returned to school to prepare food for our party: home-made pizza, cheese and pineapple sticks, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and lots more! We followed this with traditional games such as pin-the tail-on-the-donkey, the hokey cokey, musical chairs and more. We had our usual BBQ with all of the guests, staff and host families - and it doesn't seem to matter what time of year it is - the children love to play football together outside.

We had a great week and all of the children in school appreciate that they have special guests and welcome them into their games and conversations.

It is so important for children to meet and communicate with children from other countries and they can learn so much about themselves and life by doing so.

Our thanks goes to the parents and families that hosted and to the school and local community who support such an important project.

German Exchange - December 2016

Friday 9th December

We have had another great day. This morning we went to lessons with our hosts followed by lunch at school. In the afternoon we built our Hexenhausen. We will leave for the airport at 7:30.

Thursday 8th December

Today we travelled by bus, tram and train to Hameln where we visited the museum and learnt about the tale of the Pied Piper. We then were lucky to have a tour of Hameln by the Pied Piper himself. He told us about the real tale of the Pied Piper. Afterward we had some time in the Christmas market where we tasted schinkenwurst and bratwurst, both of which were very good.

Wednesday 7th December

After lunch we went to the classroom to start learning about the Pied Piper and designed pages for the calendar. Everyone is really happy and enjoying the experience.

The children had lunch together before exploring the grounds.

The pupils were welcomed to the school in a special assembly and were given a Wettbergen t-shirt. Each child was introduced to the school by their host. We are all having a fantastic time!

We all arrived safely in Germany. The pupils had a good night with their hosts and are now in their German lessons. Later they will visit the Christmas market.

12 German children make the return visit to Towcester - June 2016

As many of you know, this exchange programme between GS Wettbergen has been going for 5 years at our school and 5 years prior to that with Mr camp and his previous school. With it being the 10 year anniversary, this was a very special visit. 'UK-German Connection' support and promote the programme and this visit was all about recognising the value and importance of the partnership.

On Wednesday 8th June 2016, special visitors from the local community including the Deputy Mayor, Sharon Murray, school Governors, parents, a representative from the History Society, joined the 'alumni' - pupils past and present who have taken part in the exchange - to acknowledge why this partnership is so important. The pupils shared their memories of their visits and reflected how the experience changed them as people; their own confidence, their personal interest in languages or just their understanding of other people and their culture.

In addition to this event, the 12 visitors, with their 12 English hosts took part in a variety of activities to learn about Robin Hood, find out about Towcester and the history of Northampton and just experience normal life in a British school and household. It was commendable how brilliantly all of our children welcome visitors in school and the visible benefits it has on everyone involved. Both children and parents should be congratulated on their bravery and kindness to take part in this project. And thanks must go to many of the school staff and members of the local community that support events such as these. Tesco have been very generous with their contributions of food items and time to offer activities for the children. The History Society have supported our exchange programmes with donations for visits to Towcester Museum. And of course, our school community, parents, pupils and Governors, pull together to support the events and exchanges.

Monday 6th June 2016 - Working with our new friends

Tuesday 7th June 2016 - A trip to Sherwood Forest

Tuesday 7th June 2016 - BBQ with the hosts

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - Towcester Primary t-shirts are presented in assembly

Wednesday 8th June - Our Celebration Event with the alumni

Thursday 9th June 2016 - A visit to The Guildhall, Northampton

A traditional Fish and Chip Lunch before flying home

German Exchange December 2015 - we go to Hannover!

Friday 4th December

Another brilliant day! We went to Hannover and had a tour about Christmas traditions in Germany and then we went to the Christmas market to spend the last of our pocket money. After lunch at school, we made hexenhaus' with our friends. We return to school at 4.30pm for final preparations before leaving for the airport at 5pm. We will see you all very soon!!

We had a tour in Hannover and learnt about the Christmas traditions and how they have changed over the years

We made a hexenhaus with our friends

Thursday 3rd December 2015

Hi All,

We had such a brilliant day yesterday in Hameln. The Pied Piper took us on a historic tour of the city and then we got to try a few different German foods including pretzl and sausage. Then we went to a museum and found out more about the plague and watched a Pied Piper show. It was a long day but everyone was happy and interested and enjoyed themselves. The children had the opportunity to spend some of their money, but don't expect to see it, as it mostly consisted of food!

Today we had a 9am appointment with the Mayor in the Town Hall (Rathaus). We sat in the council chamber drinking juice and eating biscuits. We found out about the council and the city of Hannover. We then went to the Market Church and saw parts of the Christmas Market before travelling back to school. The children will have a longer amount of time with their families this afternoon to visit different places or do different activities.

We can't believe that tomorrow is our last day. The time has flown by!

Our appointment with the Town Mayor

Sights of Hannover

Our trip to Hameln!

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Good morning everyone!

The School has had no internet so I have been unable to upload photos and messages. However, this morning it is back on and I have 5 minutes to tell you about yesterday before we get on the train to go to Hamlyn. We are very excited about our day out today. Everyone is well, happy and well fed. The children are trying new foods.

Yesterday the children experienced lessons and gave their partners one of our school ambassador badges and they in return got a school t-shirt.

We visited a local supermarket and then found out about the story of the Pied Piper in preparation for today. We then made rat bread rolls! Our last event of the day was to meet about 30 ex pupils who came to the school and had been on the English-German Exchange over the past 10 years. They brought photos with them and we saw a younger Mr Camp!!

Have a good day.


Making bread rats!

These are pictures from the assembly. We gave badges and received t-shirts. We sang an action song with the school about Christmas.

Eating lunch on day one

Tuesday 1st December 2015

Good morning everybody!

We landed in Germany last night at 10.30pm and were welcomed at the school by our host parents.

The children have gone to their classes this morning and we will be attending a welcome assembly at 10am. Today we will be finding out about the story of the Pied Piper before our visit to Hamlyn tomorrow.

The temperature is quite mild.

On Monday 30th November 2015, ten pupils will be flying to Hanover to stay with families from our link school, GS Wettbergen. This is the largest group of pupils we have taken to Germany. The children will be accompanied by Mr Camp and Ms Brown as this will be the tenth year the exchange has taken place between the two Head Teachers. Our project theme for this year is 'Traditional Tales' and whilst in Germany we will be visiting Hamlyn and doing some work on the 'Pied Piper of Hamelin'. We are looking forward to our trip.

German Exchange July 2015 - the return visit

Our German friends arrived very late on a Monday night, but were keen to arrive at school the next morning to continue our joint project on healthy eating.

Following our visit to Germany in December where we learnt about wheat and potatoes, it was our turn to teach about dairy produce in England.

Our first trip was to the Arla Milk Processing factory near Aylesbury where we learnt about the factory, how much milk was processed every day and how it all happened. We saw the milk arriving at the factory then being bottled and the robots moving the milk around to the designated areas for lorry collection.

Next we had a visit to Tesco in Towcester to see where the milk was stored once it arrived at the store. It was very cold in the chiller! But then we went in the freezer - and that was really cold! We looked on the shelves to find the different Arla products. We then brought some ingredients for our special meal the next day. (We would also like to say thank you to Diane for organising our visit and for Tesco who contributed to our meal.)

On day two, our friends went to a maths lesson before being presented with a school t-shirt in assembly. We were presented with aprons to help us when preparing our healthy foods. We then set to work in our Bungalow kitchen to prepare a meal that used diary based ingredients. We had mini-pizzas for starters, toad-in-the-hole for mains and then yoghurt smoothies and mousse and traditional rice pudding for dessert.

Our friends went for a walk round Towcester whilst we prepared for a barbeque. All families who were hosting the pupils, returned to school in the evening to meet all the other students and the Head teacher and English teacher from G S Wettbergen in Hannover. We had a lovely evening eating, talking and playing games. the sun even started to shine!

Our final day was a walk in Stockgrove/Rushmere Country Park before returning to school for traditional fish and chips.

Reading this, it probably sounds like we just did a lot of eating! But in between, we learnt about each others foods, likes and dislikes and tried each other's language! We taught each other games and songs.

It was a very busy but enjoyable time together. If you are not sure about the benefits of the exchange between the two schools, then please ask any of the pupils or parents who were involved. 

Roll on December when we can hopefully go back to Hannover and make more friends.


Can you believe another year has passed?

German Trip December 2014 - Exchange Visit

Monday 1st December

5 pupils, Mr Camp and Ms Brown will be flying out to Germany to take part in our fourth exchange visit. The five pupils will be staying with families in Germany and carrying out a project on food!

Watch this space for more information over the next few days.


Monday 1st December

9.30pm German Time

Plane landed and we took a taxi to the school to meet our new friends.

All are well and happy and looking forward to spending time together.

Minus two degrees here tonight.

A cold start tomorrow, with a brisk walk to a farm to find out how bread is made and watching the process from grain.

Tuesday 2nd December - morning

Have had a super morning learning about how grain from the fields gets made into flour and then into bread.

The day started with a cold walk to the bus stop, and then a short journey to the farm. We looked at the different types of grain and then thought about which were used for which foods. We got the chance to roll some oats and grind some wheat to make flour. We all made our own rolls choosing our own design and decorating them with other grains, seeds and raisins.

We saw the big ovens used to cook all the bread before returning back to school for some lunch.

Everyone is enjoying themselves and making new friends, trying new foods and experiencing new things - the cold being one of them, but we are wrapping up warm!


Tuesday 2nd December - afternoon

This afternoon we made a 'hexhenhaus' - a house for a witch. This is a German tradition from the story 'Hansel and Gretel'. We used biscuits and lots of sweets! We even used coloured marzipan to make witches to stand outside the house. Our results were very pleasing! The houses have been put in a cupboard box in the hope we can try and get them home. So you might get to see them... unless they get eaten!

The children have now gone home with their new friend to spend time with their German families. Some might be going to the German Christmas market.


Wednesday 3rd December - morning


Arrived at school this morning to find out what everybody did with their families yesterday afternoon. Most went to the Christmas Market in Hannover whilst others rested at home playing games and watching films in English with German subtitles.

Then we went to a classroom to find out about how potatoes arrived in Germany and how they grow. Splitting into three groups, we then proceeded to the kitchen to make three dishes that involve using peeling and cutting; potato soup, baked potatoes with a dip and apple crumble.

There are no excuses not to help at home now!


We attended a school assembly where we received GS Wettbergen School t-shirts.


Once our dishes were complete, we all sat down and had a four course meal. The children laid the table, even with fancy napkin decorations! We had:

potato and carrot soup

potato and carrot gratin

potato wedges and dip

apple crumble made with potato starch

We were very full! And this was at 11am!

This afternoon the children will be taking a trip to the local supermarket and then leaving school with their families for a final afternoon and evening together.


This will be our last entry. See you tomorrow!



German Trip December 2013 - Exchange Visit


Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Another trip to Hannover is about to start!

Ms Brown, Mrs Tilson and 5 pupils from Year 6 leave today for our third exchange trip.

We will be leaving school at 4pm this afternoon and fly from Standsted arriving in Germany about 10.30pm.

We will be going to G.S. Wettbergen School, making gingerbread houses, visiting Hannover Zoo, Christmas Markets and a Museum before returning to school on Friday evening.

Please watch this page of our website to find out more as the trip develops.


Arrived at airport an hour ago. Have checked in bags and had some tea. All very excited!

Wednesday 4th December 2013

The children had a good first night and came in to school happy and ready for the day ahead.

We all went to assembly where the children received a t-shirt from the school. we then spent the morning making gingerbread houses. This was very tricky, but lots of team building and patience was displayed. 

Thursday 5th December 2013

8.35 am Good morning everyone!

All are well and in class at the moment. The children will shortly be leaving for Hannover Zoo. We were going to be doing this in the afternoon but due to weather conditions and a forecast of snow (!) at about 3pm, we are going to go to the zoo this morning.

3pm German Time

A change of plan!

We used the tram system to get us to Hannover Zoo. However, five minutes before we arrived they decided to close it due to the weather conditions ... none of the animals were brave enough to come out of their 'houses' to see the public!

Therefore we headed into Hannover City Centre to see the Christmas Markets.

We visited the biggest Church in the city where we saw models of scenes from the bible.

We looked round the the little stalls and tried some German treats such as caramalised nuts, candy floss, sugar canes and even chocolate covered bananas!

We went to the Town Hall to see models of Hannover time; 1639, 1939, 1945 and then today! It was amazing to see how it has changed.

Nickleodeon were advertising in the street so we had some free stickers and our photo taken with a carriage with horses.

Our children visited a local supermarket on our return to school to buy yet more gifts... and sugar! Then made individual gingerbread houses with their friends.

The weather is very windy here, as I hear it is at home. It is also very cold! But no snow yet. However, all of the children are safe, happy and enjoying their experience. They are learning so much about the German culture, the food and communicating with other people despite a slight language barrier. I am really proud of them. Speaking to them earlier, they all said how great it was and that they would recommend anyone else to come and visit Hannover next year.

Ms Brown

PS Ben still has his hat!


Friday 6th December 2013

Greetings from Germany!

We have had a light sprinkling of snow! And St Nicholas has delivered chocolate into our shoes for being good.

The Zoo is still closed so we are going to a Sea Life Centre this morning. 


German Trip September 2013 - Comenius Project


Mr Camp, Miss White and some children from Key Stage 2 will be going to Germany to continue our part in the Comenius Project. They leave on the 19th September. Watch this space for their news.

 Thursday 19th September

We arrived in Hannover just before 4pm (German time), we used the train to travel to Fisherdof station where two German teachers met us.

We are staying at the Jugendherberge Hannover, we arrived here at 5.30pm before heading out for dinner at a sports accademy!

We are now back at the hostel/hotel getting ready for bed as we have an early start tomorrow!

Miss White




Friday 20th September

"Today we met the Mayor of Hannover in the town hall, we were able to sit in the town hall meeting room and ask her questions." Tom

"We went to the German school and took part in lots of different sporting activities, including an 800m run! We made lots of friends and they welcomed us with a song." Mia

"We´ve had lots of fun learning and watching how to play Handball-Strong class we can`t wait to teach you this." Eve

"Finally, we had presentation of awards and gifts - I won gold. After that we had some food prepared by the parents of the German pupils. The food is fantastic." Shay

Saturday 21st September

Wow-what a day, the children have all gone to bed exhausted!

Our day started at 8.30 with a lovely German breakfast. The bread rolls at the youth hostel are delicious and the children like having breakfast here because they can have Coca Cola with their cereal!

We then met with the Germans, Slovakians, Polish and other English children to travel in to Hannover town together. We walked over the river and took lots of photos of the town.

We then visited some of the older parts of Hannover and saw a church that had been destroyed by the Second World War. It was then time for lunch, we stopped at a German food hall and had pizza! 

After lunch we walked further into town to shop! Hannover has quite a mix of shops and the children had lots of ideas on how to spend their money!

With all our money spent we took the bus back to the other side of Hannover to go swimming. The children enjoyed swimming with an Olympic Swimmer! Then it was back to the Youth Hostel/Hotel to change before having tea at the sports accademy!

All the children were then taken off to get changed in preparation for becoming team mascots for the Hannover Handball team! The children were thrilled. They all received a special t-shirt from the team to thank them and we all watched the game. Much fun was had by all.  

So it was a very busy day but the children are having a great time!

"I would love to come back here!" Tom

"Did you see me on the big screen?" Shay

"The handball man signed my t-shirt." Mia

"I have a pen friend." Eve  

We return to England tomorrow, but myself, Mr Camp and the children will be sad to leave all the new friends we have made.

Off to bed now, we still have more to see before we leave tomorrow.

Miss White

Wednesday 4th December

Children went off happily with their families last night. All were excited despite being late.

This morning we are making gingerbread houses!