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December 2015

The Department for Education Primary School Performance Tables have now been published for the set of the data from July 2015.

Again, as a school, we have done really well and out performed many local schools in a lot of areas.

We were very pleased with the results in July 2015 and can now see how we compare to other schools in Northamptonshire. The full set of data can be seen at:

Some headlines from the data are below, showing how well we as a school have done.


Level 4 and above in Reading, Writing and Maths combined:

58/333 in the county so we are int he top 17% of county schools


2 levels progress or more across Key Stage 2:

Reading 58/333 in the county so in the top 17%

Writing 102/333 in the county so in the top 31%

Maths 1/333 in the county so in the top 1%


Disadvantaged pupils level 4 and above in Reading, Writing and Maths:

11/333 in the county so in the top 3%


Value Added:

This is a measure of where the pupils started in Year 3 and their progress to the end of Year 6. A score of '100' is the expected score for any school and once again, for the past three years, we have been above 100.

This year we were equal 10/333 in the county which means that for 'value added', Towcester Primary School is in the top 3% of schools on the county and the top 7% of schools in the country.


Well done to all the staff and pupils for such a fantastic achievement.