Pupil Survey Quotes - June 2015

What do you think about our school?

Year 1/2 - Donaldson

I think this school has a great community and there are lots of friends.

I like my school because I do fun things.

The teachers are happy.

The people help everyone.

The school is amazing with nice teachers.

I think that it is a very good place to learn.

Year 1/2 - Ahlberg

I like going to Forest School because we learn new things.

I like writing.

I like it when we do art at the end of the day.

I like playing with my friends.

I like going on the bus.

Year 1/2 - Whybrow

The best thing is learning.

I recommend everyone come to this school because it is funny.

The best thing about this school is everything!

I really like the school bus.

I like singing.

The best thing about school is you get privilege cards.

It is a really caring and helpful place.

Year 3 - Potter 2

This school is so nice and so much colour and so much fun.

I enjoy the University group because you do what you want to do.

This school is the best because it has the best Head Teacher.

The school is very kind with the best equipment and friends.

Year 3 - Potter 1

I love maths because it is hard and I like a challenge.

I think they provide epic opportunities like 'Young Voices' which I'm going to.

I really like going on trips and Forest School.

I really like Forest School because we find bugs!

I like going on trips and sports tournaments.

I like everything and my friends and teachers are the best.

I like all the teachers because they say challenge yourself.

Year 4 - Dahl

Lovely, safe and caring.

I think the school is very good and the teachers try to make our lessons as fun as possible.

At this school you get pushed in your learning - in home learning and school learning.

I think our school is great because it is really friendly.

The school is perfect! It couldn't be better.

I like the amphitheatre.

I like the school because I like the lessons and the teachers.

Year 5 - Strong

An awesome place - fun and enjoyable.

It is a great school and filled with happy people.

Our school makes me feel safe and happy and confident in what I do.

It is very good because we have people from different countries visiting.


My school is a great place and I love it - I learn new things everyday.

It's quite fun and it's a really, really good school because of our good trips.

A nice friendly place with lots of friends to play with.

This school is the most fun and we have really kind teachers. Also, we have amazing lessons.

I like this school because everyone is kind and I like doing Literacy.

It is a colourful place and it is fun outside and it is huge.

Year 6 - Shakespeare

The school is very supportive.

I enjoy going to different countries and love to learn.

The teachers make sure we're getting educated whilst having fun at the same time.

I enjoy the different clubs.

I have enjoyed the opportunities to go abroad.

Our school has become very colourful as time has gone on.We have been given great opportunities.


What do you like best about being a pupil at Towcester Primary School?

A survey carried out by the Website Club Autumn Term 2012


'I like the opportunity to have responsibilities in school.'

Mia T aged 8

'University is great because we learn new and different things.'

Archie aged 9

'I like being able to learn new things in maths.'

Connie aged 8

'I like being rewarded for being good.'

Mia C aged 9

'I think Mr Camp ia a brilliant head teacher.'

Kasey-Ella aged 9

'I like being able to put on shows.'

Theo aged 7

'Our PE lessons are really fun.'

Josh, Kian and Stephanie aged 9 and 10

'We like being able to play football at breaktimes.'

Ellis, Liam, Rio, Bradley and Dominic aged 7

'I like dancing in the playground at lunchtimes.'

Jess aged 11

'I like the teachers because they give me fun activities.'

George aged 6


Research carried out by Website Club and produced by Hannah and Shea