At Towcester Primary school, we firmly believe that ‘every day counts’! Regular and punctual school attendance is vital and directly links to academic achievement as well as educational enjoyment. Pupils need to attend regularly to take full advantage of the variety of opportunities available to them! We want to encourage children to come to school every day! To support this, we offer a variety of attendance awards, as well as offering a new termly reward for 2017-18! 

We make the most of every learning opportunity at Towcester C of E Primary School, and even before the final bell for registration, most children will have carried out at least ten minutes developing a skill or having time to practise. Just being 10 minutes late each day is nearly an hour less learning than everyone else.

We publish monthly attendance figures in our newsletter.


School Attendance National Figure for Attendance

2016 - 2017

96.0% (16/17 figures released in March 2018) 
2015 - 2016 95.9% 95.4%
2014 - 2015 96.3% 96%
2013 - 2014 96.1% 94.8%

Towcester Primary School Attendance Awards

100% Termly Attendance Rewards and Prizes

At the end of a term, children will be awarded a 100% attendance reward if they have been at school for every session that term. Awards will build up through the terms.


Awards are progressive, you must earn your ‘Great Attendance Award’ before any of the others.


First term of 100% attendance = Great Attendance Award

Second term of 100% attendance = Super Attendance Award

Third term of 100% attendance = Brilliant Attendance Award

Fourth term of 100% attendance = Amazing Attendance Award

Fifth term of 100% attendance = Terrific Attendance Award

Sixth term of 100% attendance = Exceptional Attendance Award


Each term, all the children who have achieved 100% attendance, in that term, will earn a small reward.




A small chocolate


Taking part in a Christmas craft activity


A packet of sweets


Taking part in an Easter treasure hunt


Taking part in Outside games during an extra playtime.


An extra Summer afternoon play with an ice lolly

Monthly Class Attendance Rewards

Classes will be rewarded for having the highest attendance in a month, with a small prize to share. 


100% Annual Attendance Reward

Children who have 100% attendance for the whole academic year, will collect all the previous termly rewards and will earn their ‘Exceptional Award’ too. These children will also be rewarded with a small prize to celebrate their attendance achievements.