It is very important for children to be in school everyday. Every day counts! And being just ten minutes late can make a child feel unsettled as they start their day later than everyone else.

We make the most of every learning opportunity at Towcester C of E Primary School, and even before the final bell for registration, most children will have carried out at least ten minutes developing a skill or having time to practise. Just being 10 minutes late each day is nearly an hour less learning than everyone else.


Each month, the class with the highest attendance in the school is announced in Friday assembly and wins a prize.


We publish monthly attendance figures in our newsletter.


School Attendance National Figure for Attendance
2016 - 2017 96.0%
2015 - 2016 95.9%
2014 - 2015 96.3% 96%
2013 - 2014 96.1% 94.8%